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    Prep Activities - Autumn Term 2017

    *** Online bookings are now open, via the links below, and will close at 1pm on Friday 30 June ***

    Lower Prep Activities Listing

    Below is the list of the extra-curricular activities for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in the Lower Prep for Autumn Term 2017. Further information about each club can be found underneath the table.

    Children in may attend one activity per week, with the exception of Tennis, Dance, Y1 Stringlets and Y2 Mini-strings, for which there is a termly charge, and which may be selected in addition to any other activity. 

    Unless otherwise stated, all clubs start at 3.35pm and end at 4.05pm.

    The following clubs do not need to be pre-booked:

    • Film Club, which is held for Reception to Y2 from 3.35pm – 4.05pm each afternoon.
    • Year 2 Prep Club, which is held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for children who go home on the bus or attend Kim Club.

    We will confirm places via a letter in children's bookbags before the end of term (or via email for new pupils).

    Day Activity/Club Staff Initials Comment
    Monday Y1 and Y2 Lego AY / AK 16 places
      Y2 Tennis (to half term) (£) Professional Coach 6-week course; limited places
    Tuesday Y1 Stringlets (£) Music staff 6 places; 3.45pm – 4.15pm
      Y1 and Y2 Adventure into Storyland JL / LDF 12 places
      Y1 Football and other ball sports AF / EP 14 places
    Wednesday Y1 and Y2 Nature Club LC / CF 14 places
      Reception Adventure into Storyland AE / JL Please note: this Reception class activity cannot be booked online. An email about this activity, and how to book, will be sent to parents of Reception children in the first week of the Autumn term.
    Thursday Y2 Ministrings (£) Music staff 6 places; 3.45pm – 4.15pm
      Y1 and Y2 Art and Craft LW / AB 12 places
      Y1 and Y2 Dance (£) Dance specialist Limited places
    Friday Y2 Football and other ball sports AF / EP 14 places
      Y1 and Y2 ICT Club  AW 10 places


    (£) - A charge per session applies and will be added onto your end of term bill (minimum half term commitment). Costs are as follows:

    • Tennis: a charge of approx £24 (tbc) per 6 sessions.
    • Stringlets and Ministrings: £106 per term (including music and hire of violin).
    • Dance: a charge of approx £3 (tbc) per session applies.

    More about our Lower Prep Clubs

    Lego:  The children will develop their construction, design and imagination skills as they make models and improve their fine motor skills.

    Adventure into Storyland:  We will read and explore stories, taking a theme and developing it through making and telling stories - even  making the cakes from a Jill Murphy book.

    Nature: We will explore nature through walks, art work inspired by the natural environment and hunts for minibeasts.

    Art and Craft: Get creative with some fun art activities.

    Football and ball games: Develop your hand-eye coordination and have fun playing ball sports.

    ICT and iPads: Explore ICT and use the iPads to play games and learn a variety of skills.


    Upper Prep Activities Listing

    Below is the list of the extra-curricular activities for Autumn Term 2017. Before-school and lunch time activities are in italics. All Upper Prep children are eligible for all activities and clubs unless otherwise stated. Some clubs have a limited number of places. Please read the notes at the bottom of the list carefully.

    Places will be confirmed at the start of the Autumn Term, via lists on the Activities Noticeboard near the Prep Office.

    Day Activity/Club Staff Initials Timings
    Monday Brass Group CH 8.30-8.55
      Y5 and Y6 Percussion Group SE 8.30-8.55
      Music Theory (invite only, see Note 1) CA 1.00-1.55
      Y3 Beginners Recorder Club SE 1.30-1.55
      Y3 to Y6 LAMDA Speech and Drama (£ - see Note 5) Beau Roberts 3.50-4.20
      Senior Choir SE 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Tennis (£ - see Note 2) Tennis Pro 4.15-5.15
      Y3 and Y4 Dance Club  (£ - see Note 3) ED 4.00-5.00
    Tuesday Flute Choir PB 8.30-8.55
      Ukele Group MH 8.30-8.55
      String Group SE/PT 1.00-1.30
      Guitar Group MH/SE 1.30-1.55
      Y3 and Y4 Chess  JFE 1.20-1.55
      Y3 and Y4 Girls Hockey SN, SJB, Coach 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Boys Football TE, AB, JC, Coach 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 Chess JFE 4.00-5.00
      Y4, Y5 and Y6 Art/DT Club FT 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 ICT OS 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 Dance (£ - see Note 3)  ED 4.00-5.00
    Wednesday Y5 & Y6 Running Club (invite only, see Note 1) RH 1.00-1.30
      Junior Choir SE 1.30-1.55
      Y4, Y5 and Y6 Swimming Club JFE 4.00-5.00
      Y3 to Y6 Lego Club CB 4.00-5.00
      Y4, Y5 and Y6 Photography/Animation/Film editing FT 4.00-5.00
      Y5 Cookery SB, SR 4.00-5.00
    Thursday AT Percussion Group   AT 8.30-8.55
      Saxophone Group TC  8.30-8.55
      Clarinet Choir BB 10.20–10.40
      Y5 and Y6 Handchimes SE 1.00-1.30
      Y5 and Y6 Sewing/Knitting Club FT 1.00-1.30
      Y5 and Y6 Boys Football AB, TE, RH, JC, CH 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 Girls Hockey JE, CE, BM,  4.00-5.00
    Friday Junior Wind Band (invite only, see Note 1) AT 8.30-8.55
      Y3 to Y6 Board Games PN 4.00-5.00
      Y3 to Y6 Christian Union RH 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Horse Riding  (£ - see Note 5) SJ 4.30-5.15
      Y5 and Y6 Horse Riding  (£ - see Note 5) SJ 5.30-6.15


    1 – Music Theory, Junior Wind Band, Y5&6 Running Club: membership will be by invitation from staff involved. 
    2 – Y3&4 Tennis: a charge of approx £30 per 6 sessions applies.
    3 – Dance: a charge of approx £3 per session applies and will be added onto your end of term bill (minimum half term commitment).
    4  – Horse Riding: a charge of approx £27 per session applies (minimum half term commitment).
    5 – LAMDA Speech and Drama: a termly charge applies; further information will be sent via ClarionCall.