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    About our Masterclasses

    Kimbolton School Chemistry Masterclass
    Spanish Masterclass at Kimbolton SchoolUsing the Pellegrini Staircase for Inspiration: the History and English Masterclass at Kimbolton SchoolPhilosophy Masterclass at Kimbolton School: Exploring the ChapelMaths Masterclass at Kimbolton School

    If your child is naturally curious and loves to learn, our Masterclasses will be a perfect match for them!

    We bring together like-minded children to explore subjects such as Philosophy, Spanish, History, English, Mathematics and the Sciences in a fun yet thought-provoking way. The sessions are highly interactive, cover areas beyond the National Curriculum and give the children the chance to meet and work with others from a wide range of schools.

    Sessions take place on Saturday mornings, over four or six weeks. Additionally, we offer two evening Science events which are 90-minute live demonstrations, with plenty of audience participation and lots of fun!

    Many of our Masterclass pupils have found the whole experience to be a huge confidence booster plus excellent preparation for their moves to secondary school.

    Saturday Masterclasses

    Our Saturday Masterclasses are for Year 5 children (Year 6 in the Autumn Term) who have a genuine interest and ability in their subjects.

    Our next courses will be in Spring Term 2023 for Year 5 children. We have written to the headteachers of participating primary schools to ask them to nominate children, but the deadline has now passed. Click on the subject names to find out more.




    We will be releasing details of our Summer Term Masterclasses in late February.

    There is no charge for our Masterclasses. Each Saturday Masterclass session is independent of the others, but we expect children to commit to taking a complete series of classes. 

    Children may participate in only one Saturday course per term.  Please note that, while we welcome all applications, those from children who have already attended a Saturday Masterclass will be given a lower priority for any further Saturday courses.

    Evening Masterclasses

    Our evening Masterclasses are back with a bang - literally! The next one will be Physics in early July 2023. We will be writing to headteachers in early May with further details. Find out more by clicking on the box:



    We welcome feedback from parents and children. Look at our Testimonials page to see what others think of our Masterclasses programme.

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