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    Prep Extra-Curricular Activities - Autumn Term 2019

    Online bookings are now closed.

    For Lower Prep pupils, we will confirm places via a letter in children’s book bags before the end of term (or via email for new pupils). For Upper Prep pupils, places will be confirmed at the start of the Autumn Term, via lists on the Activities Noticeboard near the Prep Office. Activities listings for the Autumn term can be viewed below.


    Lower Prep Activities Listing

    Below is the list of the extra-curricular activities for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in the Lower Prep for Autumn Term 2019. 

    Children may attend one activity per week, with the exception of Y1 Stringlets and Y2 Mini-strings and Dance, for which there is a termly charge, and which may be selected in addition to any other activity. 

    Unless otherwise stated, all clubs start at 3.35pm and end at 4.05pm.

    The following clubs do not need to be pre-booked:

    • Film Club, which is held for Reception to Y2 from 3.35pm – 4.05pm each afternoon.
    • Year 2 Prep Club, which is held on Tuesdays (English prep) and Wednesdays (Maths prep) for children who attend Kim Club.

    We will confirm places via a letter in children's bookbags before the end of term (or via email for new pupils).

    Day Activity/Club Staff Year(s) Comment
    Monday Lego  AK/AY Y1 and Y2 14 places.
      Storyland AE/EW Reception and Y1 10 places.
      Tennis - until half term SA Y2 10 places.
    Tuesday Construction LDF/PW Y1 and Y2 12 places.
      Stringlets - NEW Beginners Group (£ -see note 1) Music Staff Y1 Limited numbers. 3.45pm – 4.15pm. A new beginners group offering an early experience of learning the violin in a fun and pro-active way.
    Wednesday Science Club LC/LE Y1 and Y2 12 places.
    Thursday Ball skills AB/AK Y1 and Y2 14 places.
      Dance (£ - see note 2) Mrs Drennan Y1 and Y2  
      Ministrings Group 1 - NEW Beginners Group (£ - see note 1) Music Staff Y2 Limited numbers. 3.45pm – 4.15pm.  A new beginners group offering an early experience of learning the violin in a fun and pro-active way.
      Ministrings Group 2 - Continuers (£ - see note 1) Music Staff Y2 Limited numbers. 3.45pm – 4.15pm.  This group is a continuation of classes for pupils who participated in Year 1 Stringlets In 2018/2019. Please only sign up if your child is already a member of this group.
    Friday Board Games VH/AF Reception, Y1 and Y2 Limited numbers.


    (£) - A charge per session applies and will be added onto your end of term bill (minimum half term commitment). Costs are as follows:

    1 - Stringlets and Ministrings. A charge of £113 per term (including music and hire of violin) applies. 

    2 - Dance. A charge of


    Upper Prep Activities Listing

    Below is the list of the extra-curricular activities for Autumn Term 2019. Before-school and lunch time activities are in italics. All Upper Prep children are eligible for all activities and clubs unless otherwise stated. Some clubs have a limited number of places. Please read the notes at the bottom of the list carefully.

    Places will be confirmed via lists on the Activities Noticeboard near the Prep Office.

    Day Activity/Club Staff Initials Timings
    Monday Brass Group CH 8.30-8.55
      Y5 and Y6 Percussion Group SE 8.30-8.55
      Y3 and Y4 Junior Choir  SE 1.00-1.30
      Y5 and 6 Improvers’ Running Club (until half term, see note 3) CE 1.00-1.30
      Y3 –Y6 LAMDA Speech and Drama (£, see note 2) Beau Roberts 3.40-4.10
      Y5 and Y6 Senior Choir SE 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Dance Mrs Drennan 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Tennis (until half term) SA 4.15-5.15
    Tuesday Flute Choir PB 8.30-8.55
      Ukulele Group MH 8.30-8.55
      String Group SE/PT 1.00-1.30
      Guitar Group MH/SE 1.30-1.55
      Y5 and Y6 MFL Magazine Writing Club EB 1.30-1.55
      Y3 - Y6 Lego Club CB 4.00-5.00
      Y3 – Y6 Board Games CF 4.00-5.00
      Vocalissimo (by invitation only) FH 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Girls Hockey EP 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Boys Football TE, AB, JC, Coach 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 STEM Club SN 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 Chess SJB 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 Dance  ED 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 Pottery Club FT 4.00-5.00
    Wednesday Junior Wind Band - by invitation (see Note 1) AT 8.30-8.55
      Y5 and Y6 Running Club (invite only, see note 1) tbc 1.00-1.30
      Y5 and Y6 Book Club CE 1.00-1.30
      Y3 -Y6 Girls’ Cricket Club (until half term) JOB, AT, CH, AJR 1.00-1.55
      Y4, Y5 and Y6 Swimming Club (trials will take place in September) SHB 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 ICT Club OS 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 History Club ST 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Art/DT Club FT 4.00-5.00
      Y5 Cookery SR 4.00-5.00
    Thursday Saxophone Ensemble   JM 8.30-8.55
      Clarinet  Ensemble BB 8.30-8.55
      Y5 and Y6 Handchimes SE 1.00-1.30
      Y5 and Y6 Sewing/Knitting Club FT 1.00-1.30
      Y5 and Y6 Boys Football AB, TE, JC, CH 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 Girls Hockey CE, JOM, JO’B 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Gardening Club LS 4.00-5.00
    Friday Percussion Ensemble (AT pupils only) AT 8.30-8.55
      Y3 and Y4 Chess SJB 1.00-1.30
      Year 3 Beginners Recorder Club AC 1.00-1.30
      Music Theory (invite only, see note 1) AC 1.30-2.00
      Y3 and Y4 What Can We Make? Craft CLub AW 4.00-5.00
      Y5 and Y6 Canvas Club RL 4.00-5.00
      Y3 and Y4 Horse Riding (£, see note 4) SJ 4.30-5.15
      Y5 and Y6 Horse Riding (£, see note 4) SJ 5.30-6.15


    1 – Music Theory, Wind Band, Y5 & Y6 Running Club: membership will be by invitation from staff involved. 
    2 - LAMDA Speech and Drama: a termly charge applies; details will be sent separately. Current members of the group will have priority over new members.
    3 - Y5 & 6 Improvers’ Running Club: Not for experienced runners, for those children who would like to develop confidence and stamina before the Autumn Term House Cross Country. Club runs until October half term only.
    4 - Horse Riding - £25 per session; parents are responsible for getting their child(ren) to Backnoe End Equestrian Centre, Keysoe Road, Thurleigh, MK44 2EA.