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    Year 2 Individual Violin/Cello Lessons: Information, Terms and Conditions

    Preparatory School

    Year 2 Summer Term 2022 Individual Violin/Cello Lessons: Information, Terms and Conditions (February 2022)

    Please take the time to read this document carefully.  The take-up of instrumental lessons is regarded as implicit acceptance of the conditions under which lessons are offered.

    Time & Place

    All lessons take place in the Music Practice Rooms on a Thursday after school at a time set by the teacher.  As far as possible teachers will avoid scheduling music lessons during trips, tests, sporting activities and other school commitments as published in the school calendar.  However, pupils and parents are responsible for informing their music teacher of the times and dates of any school or private commitment which may affect timetabling of a music lesson

    Missed Lessons

    All absences are charged for including those due to illness, medical appointments and travel delays.  For queries regarding the arrangements of long-term illnesses, please contact the Head of Music.  For absences beyond your control, your music lesson fees may be recovered by your school fees insurance.  Please check your policy terms and conditions for details.  Should a lesson have to be cancelled by the teacher, the teacher will arrange to carry that lesson forward to a later date or to credit the appropriate fee.  Where an unexpected clash arises after the music timetable has been set for the forthcoming week the music lesson takes priority.  If a pupil fails to turn up for 2 consecutive lessons the teacher will telephone you to let you know.  Where a pupil is in school but unable to play their instrument due to injury (eg sprained wrist) they are still expected to attend lessons and will work on aural and theory.

    Notice to Discontinue

    Lessons may only be stopped at the end of a term.  Notice to discontinue lessons must be given in writing (which includes e-mail) to the Music School office by Friday 27th May 2022.  Notice given any later than this will be deemed to apply to the following term. 

    Practice between lessons

    Whilst the teacher will make every reasonable effort to improve the musical skills and understanding of the pupil, pupils are expected to cooperate with the teacher and adhere to the sessions of practice advised by the teacher.  Weekly targets will be set out in the pupil’s practice book.  Parental support, particularly for younger pupils, is essential. 


    Lesson fees are payable a term in advance through the school billing system.  If you start lessons part way through a term, these lessons are billed in arrears as a music disbursement.  At the end of the Summer Term the actual number of lessons taught is confirmed and you will receive a refund if your son or daughter has received less than the lessons for which you have paid.

    Instrument Hire

    There are a limited number of school instruments available for hire and for the Summer term 2022 there is no hire charge.  Hire charges will apply from the Autumn term 2022 in line with the Prep Individual Music Lessons Terms & Conditions. 


    All instruments brought to school should be kept in classrooms.  Pupils who bring their own instruments into school must have them insured as they are not covered by the school insurance policy.  All instrument cases must be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name.