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    Leavers' Destinations 2015

    Kimbolton students won places at the following universities in 2015:

    University/College Number Course
    Anglia Ruskin 1 Politics
    Bangor 1 Sport Science (Outdoor Activities)
    Bath 1 Business Administration
    Birmingham 2 English and History of Art
    History and Politics
    Brighton 1 Psychology
    Bristol 2 Ancient History
    Cambridge 3 Medicine
    Natural Sciences
    Veterinary Medicine
    Cardiff 1 Computer Science
    Chester 1 Biomedical Sciences
    Coventry 1 Automotive Engineering
    Derby 1 Product Design
    Durham 1 Business and Management
    Essex 1 Law and Politics
    Exeter 8 Ancient History
    English (2)
    Politics and International Relations
    Harper Adams 1 Agri-Food Marketing
    Hull 1 Business Economics
    Imperial College London 1 Biomedical Science
    Keele 1 Accounting and Business Management
    Kent 1 War Studies
    King's College London 1 Philosophy
    Lancaster 2 Accounting and Finance
    Business Economics
    Leeds 4 Food Science
    History and Politics
    Science Foundation
    Leeds Trinity 1 Accounting and Finance
    Leicester 1 Medicine
    Liverpool 2 Criminology and Sociology
    Engineering Foundation
    Liverpool John Moores 1 Architecture
    London School of Economics 1 Economics
    Loughborough 4 Architectural Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Manchester 3 Ancient History
    Science Foundation
    Newcastle  6 Architecture
    Biomedical Sciences
    Economics and Maths
    Marketing (2)
    Northampton 1 Primary Education
    Northumbria 1 History and Politics
    Nottingham 7 American Studies
    Mechanical Engineering
    Pharmacy (2)
    Nottingham Trent 1 Geography
    Overseas - Spain 1 Biomedical Science (Madrid)
    Oxford Brookes 3 English and Education
    Primary Education
    Real Estate
    Plymouth 1 Geology
    Portsmouth 1 Geological Hazards
    Reading 3 Business and Management
    Drama and Theatre
    Philosophy and Politics
    Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester 1 Farm Management
    Royal Holloway, University of London 1 Geography
    Royal Veterinary College, London 1

    Biological Sciences (Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Ethics)

    Southampton 1 Sociology with Antropology
    University of the Arts, London 1 Art Foundation
    University College London 4 History
    Maths and Physics
    Medicine (2)
    University of East Anglia 5 Biomedicine
    English and Drama
    Natural Science
    University of East London 1 Events Management
    Warwick 1 Mechanical Engineering
    York 1 Business and Management