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    Pre-School Science Workshops

    A FREE hands-on science experience for pre-schoolers aged 21/2+

    • Workshops held twice a year, usually in Spring and Autumn terms 
    • Hunter Hall, Kimbolton Prep School PE28 0JJ
    • Tickets (required for children only) are FREE but must be booked in advance 
    • One workshop per child, limited spaces - please register your interest for more details and we'll be in touch ahead of our next event.

    Get splishy and splashy, mad and messy, colourful and creative as we journey together through the world of science.

    Brought to Kimbolton Prep School by Sublime Science, the leading science enrichment provider for children, each half hour workshop is a fun and interactive experience for you and your pre-schooler to enjoy together. Workshops offered vary each term; as an example, our most recent Autumn workshops included:

    Workshop 1 (9.15am-9.45am): What’s that Sound?
    Straw trumpets mean guaranteed laughs! Listen to silly sounds and funny noises to learn how sounds are made. The singing rod will make children’s mouths drop open - and with a thunder shaker we can imagine a storm inside.

    Workshop 2 (10.30am-11am): It's all Air
    Floating balls, smoky bubbles and flying smoke rings, what's not to love? Blasting rings of air with an air cannon always receives an excited reaction!

    Workshop 3 (11.45am -12.15pm): Climate Chaos
    Lightning and electrifying science, tornado races and even making instant snow mean big smiles all round! Unusual, exciting science experiments centred around our environment really bring science to life.The tornado races are hands-on so are great for active children with loads of energy.  

    Workshop 4 (2pm-2.30pm): Wacky Rockets
    Things that go flying off into the air! That’s what it’s all about, the children count down and then blast off… Fantastic experiments, including our legendary rocket launch and the infamous mentos and coke demonstration.