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    Top UK Maths Awards for Prep Pupils

    Aiden Wong and Benny Moerman celebrate success in the Primary Mathematics Challenge Bonus Round.

    Kimbolton Prep School Primary Maths Challenge Bonus Round 2015 Award WinnersAiden Wong has scooped a silver medal in the Bonus Round of the 2015 Primary Mathematics Challenge, with fellow Year 6 pupil Benny Moerman awarded a certificate of achievement.  

    The first stage of the challenge took place in November 2014 when Kimbolton pupils competed alongside 79,000 pupils from 2035 schools across the country. Successfully answering a variety of multiple choice maths problems, Aiden and Benny joined the top 2% of highest scorers to qualify for the harder Bonus Round in February this year.

    Out of 1184 participants in the Bonus Round, Aiden was one of just 540 children who scored 17 marks or higher to win a medal (50 pupils received Gold, 153 Silver and 327 Bronze).

    The next Primary Mathematics Challenge takes place in November 2015. In the meantime, here are a couple of the questions that Aiden and Benny had to tackle. Answers at the bottom of the page!

    Q1: Bill, Jill, Lil and Phil have left their scarves in the hall. They rush back in to put them on without looking. Every child finds that they have the wrong scarf on! In how many ways could they have managed this?
    A) 3
    B) 6
    C) 9
    D) 10
    E) 12

    Q2: Wily Wizard was making a magic potion by mixing 350 ml of spit with 150 ml of venom. How much more venom would need to be added to achieve a ratio of spit to venom of 7 : 4?
    A) 25 ml
    B) 50 ml
    C) 100 ml
    D) 150 ml
    E) 200 ml








    Q1: C) 9
    Q2: B) 50 ml