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    Outstanding Set of EPQ Results 

    Congratulations to our Upper Sixth Form Extended Project Qualification students, who have secured a 100% pass rate at grades A*/A.

    Kimbolton School Upper Sixth Form EPQ Students Congratulations to our Upper Sixth Form Extended Project Qualification students, who have secured a 100% pass rate at grades A*/A – achieving 11 A*s and 5 As between them. Their chosen topics ranged from “Social Media and Mental Health in Men” and “Biofuels and the Future of Transport”, to “Stem Cell Research and the Eye”. Other projects examined immigration and economics, Britain and the EU, and the prescription of statins.

    Peter Bayes, whose project looked at the footwear industry in Higham Ferrers, 1914-1918, said: “It was a great opportunity to undertake my own learning outside of the classroom. It's really given me the confidence to take the next step to university and undergraduate study.”

    Fellow student Sasha Semple added: “My EPQ on art and the French/Russian revolution helped me learn to make interconnections between different disciplines, including subjects beyond the School curriculum. This will prove vital at university, particularly as I hope to study Liberal Arts.”

    Sixth Form students can apply for our Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) course, which provides an opportunity to explore an area of interest outside the A-Level syllabus. Following in-depth research, students produce either a 5,000-word report or a ‘product’ and a 1,000 word report. In addition, they must present their findings to an audience of non-specialists. The projects offer our students opportunities to develop their research, analytical and critical thinking skills – encouraging the independent learning expected at university level.

    Mr Joseph Newsam, Assistant Head (Extension and Enrichment), commented: “I am delighted by our best ever set of EPQ results, which reflect the hard work and dedication of the students concerned. This qualification gives students an excellent opportunity to research a specific area of interest in depth and really pushes them beyond the often narrow confines of the A Level syllabus. All 16 students should be congratulated on their excellent efforts.” 

    Here's the full list of our EPQ students and their subjects - well done to you all!

    • Peter Bayes: The Footwear Industry in Higham Ferrers 1914-1918
    • Nikhila Chittoor: Biotechnology/Ethics
    • Kayla Engelbrecht: Psychology
    • Catriona Gibb: Immigration and Economics
    • Katie Guilliatt-Griggs: Dentistry
    • Rebecca Heath: Immigration and Economics
    • Beth Holmes: Social Media and Mental Health in Men
    • Harry Knowlton: Britain and the EU
    • Madeline Longhurst: Dog Breeding
    • Stephen Marr: Statins - Should They be Prescribed to all Over a Certain Age? 
    • Nathan Parekh-Hill: Stem Cell research and the Eye
    • Kate Rolton: The Placebo Effect
    • Clifford Robinson: Biofuels and the Future of Transport
    • Edward Salkield: Building a Computer
    • Sasha Semple: Art and the French/Russian Revolution
    • Marco Yu: Chinese Medicine