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    Back to the Maths Classroom for Prep Parents

    Prep parents went back to school yesterday to learn about the way maths is taught at Kimbolton from Reception to Year 6.

    Kimbolton School Parents' Maths WorkshopPrep parents went back to school yesterday to learn about the way maths is taught at Kimbolton from Reception to Year 6. Around two hundred parents attended our Lower and Upper Prep Abacus Information Sessions, which offered a hands-on experience of current teaching methods and calculation strategies.

    Director of Studies Mrs Fiona Tavares highlighted recent changes to the primary maths curriculum and introduced our main maths scheme, Abacus. Abacus provides a combination of maths games, interactive activities, pupil videos and pupil worksheets, which teachers use to set homework and support classroom learning.

    Parents watched a short video presentation by Abacus author Prof. Ruth Merttens, in which she explained the importance of the “four pillars” of Abacus – Place Value; Number Facts; Models and Images; Doubling and Halving. These all help children gain a robust understanding of numbers, helping them develop into inspired and confident young mathematicians.

    Then it was off to the classrooms for some fun mental maths starters, followed by addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As well as providing an insight into how their children learn, parents also gained an understanding of how they can support their children with mathematics at home. Many quickly realised that the way maths is taught today is very different from when they were at school!

    Rather than the single approach to each mathematical function that most parents were familiar with, they were shown the range of techniques taught to each child. The progressive development of key skills builds confidence and having a variety of techniques to draw upon equips youngsters with the ability to approach problems in different ways, and to select the most appropriate method for both the question asked and their individual learning style.

    Mrs Tavares said: “The feedback from parents has been extremely positive. Many commented how much they had gained from the sessions and that they now understood our approach to the teaching of maths – and the reasoning behind it.”

    Information from the evening is available here and includes:

    •          Abacus: Letter to Parents
    •          Kimbolton Prep School mathematics calculation policy
    •          Overview of calculation strategies Y1-Y2
    •          Overview of calculation strategies Y3-Y6
    •          Prof. Ruth Merttens: The Abacus Philosophy