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    Pupils Ponder Life's Big Questions

    Kimbolton, Ernulf and Longsands' pupils take part in workshop to mark first anniversary of our 'Philosophy for Children' Club.

    Nick Chandley Philosophy for Kids Workshop at Kimbolton SchoolPupils from Kimbolton, Ernulf and Longsands Academies enjoyed a lively debate about life’s big questions, when we hosted a ‘Philosophy For Children’ (P4C) workshop to celebrate the schools' year-long partnership. 

    The workshop was led by Mr Nick Chandley, a former primary school teacher, who now travels the length and breadth of the country, leading INSET, presenting at conferences and promoting enquiry-based learning in schools by working with teachers, parents, children, local authorities and a range of other organisations.

    His afternoon workshop prompted thought-provoking questions from our First and Second Formers, including: “Why do we compare ourselves to unrealistic things?”, “Does greed come from perfection?” and “When are we satisfied?”

    The P4C initiative, set up in June 2015 under the umbrella of the St Neots Learning Partnership, aims to teach reasoning and argumentative skills to Year 7 and 8 pupils by building a community of enquiry. In a small group, that learns to trust each other, pupils reflect on a chosen stimulus, which could be a song, an object, a quote or a picture. 

    Mrs Sophie Poole, Kimbolton's P4C Club organiser and Assistant Head of English said: “This is the third time the pupils have met this year. It’s a great opportunity for youngsters from all three schools to meet on a regular basis and realise how much they have in common. P4C is excellent at building confidence, improving listening skills and discussing some often quite philosophical concepts. With no right or wrong answers, pupils can partake in a friendly community of enquiry without the fear of being criticised”