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    What on Earth Happened?

    Children’s author and historian Christopher Lloyd takes pupils on on a journey through the entire history of the world!

    Children's Author and Historian Christopher Lloyd visits Kimbolton SchoolChildren’s author and historian Christopher Lloyd visited Kimbolton recently to take pupils on a whirlwind journey through the entire history of the world. His talk, entitled “A History of the World in 20 Objects” featured an amazing technicolour coat of many pockets and a giant edition of his highly acclaimed What on Earth? wallbook as a backdrop.

    At the Prep School, pupils in Years 5 and 6 travelled with Mr Lloyd from the ‘Big Bang’ to the present day, stopping off at 20 key moments in the history of the planet, life and people. Using a series of everyday objects, picked by pupils from his coat, Mr Lloyd told the incredible story of 13.7 billion years.

    Mr Lloyd then headed to our Senior School to give our inaugural ‘Aragon Lecture’ – a cross curricular lecture aimed at a wide range of ages. His fascinating talk, which was first given at The Royal Institution in London, covered a diverse range of topics including cosmology, human origins, agriculture, writing, ancient civilisations and population growth.