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    Boarders Break for the North

    Kimbolton House boys head to Sheffield for their first action-packed trip of the new school year.

    Kimbolton School Visit to SheffieldBoarders from Kimbolton House made the most of this term’s first non-sport Saturday, with 13 boys and four members of staff heading north for a weekend in Sheffield. The pupils, from our Third to Upper Sixth Forms, had great fun and enjoyed the chance to see a new city whilst taking part in a wide range of activities.

    On Saturday, the trip began with a bus journey to Meadowhall, a large shopping centre, for a chance to top up wardrobes and grab some lunch. Next stop was Hillsborough, where the group were treated to a thrilling football match from the Championship, with home side Sheffield Wednesday going one-nil down to Nottingham Forest before coming back and eventually grabbing victory with an injury time goal.

    A short journey out of Sheffield, a converted barn on a working farm became Kim House’s Sheffield equivalent for the night. Whilst the boys got used to seeing sheep and cattle right outside their windows, the staff knuckled down to preparing dinner for the group – something the boarders are now looking forwards to taking it in turns to do themselves, occasionally, throughout the rest of the year. Whilst the curry was bubbling away, fiercely competitive games of Risk and Monopoly broke out over the dining room tables. Once the meal had been enjoyed by all, these games continued in good spirits right up until bedtime.

    On Sunday, fuelled with bacon and egg sandwiches, the boys took a short walk to the top of Surprise View, a spectacular vantage point from which to take in the Peak District and the start of the Pennines. The comparison with the flat landscape around Kimbolton provoked lively discussion, while the fresh morning air ensured  all were fully awake in time for Mr Whiteley’s ‘Selfie Challenge’ in the city centre. With great enthusiasm, in two teams, the House followed the map showing key landmarks within the city and collected selfies as they went, with Baderin, Dan, Giorgi and John eventually running out winners having managed to visit all the stops, even the illustrious Henderson’s Relish sign!

    The final activity was indoor bouldering – climbing low walls without ropes but with crash mats below – where again the group surpassed themselves. All started as novices but were managing impressive climbs by the end of the session, including some really tricky overhangs. After a quick lunch stop beneath the crooked spire of Chesterfield’s church, the boys were back in Kimbolton late on Sunday afternoon in time to get some rest before the start of another busy week.

    Mr Ben Mills, one of the members of staff accompanying the boys, said: “Throughout the weekend all of the boys were a credit to themselves and to our school. They really got stuck in to all of the activities and had a lot of fun over the two days. All came back with some great memories of their first House weekend away. The staff and boarders alike are already looking forward to their next trip, which will be a day trip to Oxford on Field Weekend.”

    With thanks to Mr Ben Mills

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