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    KSTEM: a Week of Discovery

    Loud explosions, a cloud workshop and a mobile planetarium were some of the highlights of Kimbolton’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Week.

    Kimbolton Science Technology Engineering and Maths (KSTEM) Week Loud explosions, a cloud workshop and a mobile planetarium were all exciting additions to our Senior and Prep School curricula during Kimbolton’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (KSTEM) Week (31 October-4 November). Pupils from Reception to the Upper Sixth Form took part in a series of hands-on events, designed to intrigue, fascinate and inspire a greater interest in the STEM subjects.

    At the Prep School, youngsters enjoyed a visit from Chris Welbourne of ‘Animal Encounters, with the opportunity to meet and learn about creatures from around the world, including a stick insect, an owl and a Chilean rose tarantula. STEM Ambassador Dr Amanda Kerr-Munslow introduced Year 2 to meteorology and the study of clouds, while a Lego Workshop saw pupils from Years 3 and 4 create an impressive large-scale lit-up village. Year 6, meanwhile, learned all about chickens and eggs – asking our guest Biology teacher Mr Jenns some probing questions about feathers, bones, and flight.

    All of our Upper Prep pupils were enthralled by Director of Science Mr Gray’s action-packed and fast-moving Chemistry demonstration at the Senior School, while the Lower Prep had a visit from their own ‘potions master’, Head of Chemistry Mr Drysdale. The children were wowed by all sorts of explosions and chemical reactions and enjoyed putting on the safety goggles and getting involved.

    At the Senior School, there were daily events for all age groups. In an electrifying show, “Feel the Power”, the Royal Institution’s Dr Emma King discussed the history of electricity - with lots of live demonstrations and audience interaction. Science showman Ian B Dunne (aka ‘The Professor’) presented the "Greatest moments in Science" and “Science Magic…Magic Science”, while Ginny Smith posed the question: "Can you believe your brain?" Other activities included bridge building, zip car construction, a mobile planetarium and the not-to-be missed Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead.

    Mr Gray said: “The aim of KSTEM is to widen the pupils' experience beyond the basic curriculum and to give them the opportunity of exploring topics at a greater depth and in innovative ways. It has been so exciting to hear the pupils discussing the events that they have attended in animated tones with their peers and apparently their parents; these must be the best indicators of all that the week has been a success. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and got involved."

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