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    Prep Pupils Save Batman!

    Year 5 pupils work like superheroes in our annual Prep Schools' DTE competition.

    Kimbolton Pupils in our annual Prep Schools'  Design Technology and Engineering CompetitionThis week we welcomed eight teams of Year 5 pupils from Beachborough School, The Grove Independent School, Kimbolton Prep School, and Lockers Park School to our annual Prep Schools' Design Technology and Engineering (DTE) competition. Kimbolton Prep's Ethan Bull, Isabele Fidler, Lily Page, James Pater, Joe Routledge, Gabriel Rushing, Aoife Stokes and Sophia Taylor joined their fellow competitors for a short film and briefing in the Senior School’s William Brown Lecture Theatre, before making their way to the DTE workshops. 

    Their five-hour challenge was to design, make and test a Batmobile vehicle that could safely transport Batman to the other side of the canyon, whizzing the caped crusader (an egg with ears!) to safety up a ramp and across crocodile-infested water.

    Using materials including cardboard, wood and elastic bands, all of the teams worked like superheroes with saws, scissors and glue guns in order to meet the deadline. The task was successfully achieved by all of the teams but the winners, retaining their title from last year, were Beachborough Jokers. In joint second place were Grove Penguins and Lockers Park Jokers, with Kimbolton Penguins in third. 

    The judges’ decision was based on the detailed and comprehensive design the pupils had produced, their teamwork during the day, the distance travelled by the vehicle, and their success in saving Batman from destruction during the final test. 

    Event organiser and Design Technology Engineering Teacher Mrs Ceri Stokes said: “All of the pupils from the eight teams enjoyed this year's Batman challenge and worked really well together to solve a tricky design test that required plenty of skill and creativity. This annual competition is a highlight of our Department’s calendar, giving all of the pupils an exciting insight into Design, Technology and Engineering at Kimbolton School.”