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    Jessop Claims Kimbolton Castle Seat For Green Party

    Mock general election result just in - Greens hold Kimbolton Castle!

    Kimbolton School Mock General Election 2017


    In the first seat to declare, the Green Party hold on to Kimbolton Castle ahead of the Conservatives...

    We, Oscar Williamson and Noah Sanderson, Joint Returning Officers for the Kimbolton Castle constituency declare that:

    • The total number of votes cast across Kimbolton Castle at the UK Parliamentary election on 8 June 2017 was 364 with a pupil turnout of 72% (of the year groups that are in school).

    • The total number of ballot papers rejected was 3.

    • We give public notice that George Jessop (Green Party) received 135 (37%) of the votes and is duly elected as the Member of Parliament for the Kimbolton Castle constituency.

    • In second place were the Conservatives, with 28% of the vote.

    08.06.17: Pupils Go To The Polls

    As the country goes to the polls today, our Senior School pupils have cast their votes in Kimbolton School’s own mock general election.

    A lively hustings event took place during assembly yesterday in the Lewis Hall, as candidates from seven political parties set out their key policies before a packed audience of pupils and staff. With issues including Brexit, immigration, the environment and the NHS all high on the agenda, we heard from Rebecca Preece for Labour, with her election agent Aryaki Soni, pledging to ensure that “every voice is heard, especially the youth of Britain”.  Sam Emery (Conservative), with his election agent Millie Kenyon, promised a boost to the renewable energy industry through the use of fidget spinners – a timely pledge on a day that wind turbines and solar panels set a new UK record, meeting more than half of the country’s electricity demand.

    George Jessop (Green Party), flanked by his election agents Nima Kordany and Henry Langley,  affirmed his party’s vow to offer voters the chance of a second referendum with the option to remain in the European Union once the final terms of the Brexit deal have been negotiated. Meanwhile, a well-rehearsed Matthew Lee for the Communist Party of Great Britain raised spirits with his promise to provide free Freddos to all pupils, should his party win. Completing the electoral line-up was Angus Gentles (Liberal Democrats), Oscar Proietti with his election agents Max Thomas and Matthew Hill (UKIP) and Independent candidate Nathan Hunt, "opposed to a hard Brexit and determined to create a fairer economy for all".  

    All of the would-be MPs’ speeches provoked discussion and heated debate that continued long after assembly had finished. In and out of the classroom, it is clear that political engagement flourishes at Kimbolton. Head of Politics Mr Toby Leadbetter urged pupils to value the democratic process and to use their chance to vote today. He said: “The students have much enjoyed being a part of the buzz and discussion that comes from an election. And our students have been involved in three successive years of elections or referendums. Putting aside the extraordinary, silly or non-party aligned messages it has been good to see so many pupils genuinely discussing real national policies and gaining a sense that there are real choices to be made in this election. They have had an opportunity to really consider what they believe to be important in national politics and democratic society.”

    The constituency polling station, in the parish of Lewis Hall, will be open today (8 June) during break 11:00-11:20 and at lunchtime 13:10-14:15. The count will take place under the watchful eyes of Returning Officers Oscar Williamson and Noah Sanderson.

    With around 29% of the electorate away due to GCSE and A Level study leave, the result of today’s vote is unpredictable. As Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn go head to head in the most crucial general election in a generation, we anticipate being the first constituency to declare its result at 22:01 on Election Day.

    Watch this space, and the School Facebook page, for updates, reaction and analysis!