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    Better Late Than Never!

    School library book returned nearly three decades later, via Australia.

    Better late than never! A Kimbolton School library book borrowed in 1989 has made its way home, via Australia, nearly three decades after it was taken out.

    The copy of Shardik, by Watership Down author Richard Adams, travelled over 9,000 miles by air mail and arrived with an unsigned note that said “Overdue library book (Junior Library) being returned, thank you.”

    Our librarians were delighted to see the return of this dusty read, with its ‘Junior Library’ stamp on the inside cover and a return date of 3 July 1989 on the ticket. 

    On social media this week we shared images of the book, note and package sent from Floreat Post Office, Western Australia. Several former pupils are known to live in the country and we are keen to find the sender and thank them for their honesty. 

    Kimbolton School Alumni Officer, Mrs Helen Hopperton, said: “The book’s return has certainly amused us all and it would be great to find out who sent it – hopefully our network of ‘Old Kimboltonians’ can help us track the sender down under!”

    Teacher and Prep Librarian Mrs Sophie Bettison added: “While we’d always encourage our pupils to return books on time, it’s better late than never! The book has attracted so much attention we will be putting it on display in the library – and in the future may also hold an assembly based on its return, and the lesson that it’s never too late to do the right thing.”