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    Geographers Have Their Cake – and Eat It!

    First Formers’ creative approach to learning about ‘settlement hierarchies’.

    First Form Geographers had their cake and ate it this week, as they took a creative approach to the topic of ‘settlement hierarchies’. The 11 and 12-year-olds made pyramids out of cakes, Lego, polystyrene, cardboard and wood to visually represent the fact that the smaller a settlement, the more of them there are; the larger and more powerful a settlement, the fewer there are.

    Geography teacher Mrs Jessica Wilson said: “The children really engaged with the task, taking an incredibly imaginative approach. As they sliced into their edible models, I had no doubt the children would remember this exercise long into the future!”

    Continuation of the settlement topic will see pupils visiting Hampton Vale and Serpentine Green, where they will consolidate their learning by seeing a settlement as it continues to grow and develop.