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    Sir John Major: "An Inspiring Speech"

    Pupils discuss global politics with former prime minister.

    Former Huntingdon MP and Prime Minister Sir John Major KG CH visited Kimbolton on Friday (8 June) to present his views on global politics, including Brexit: “The most divisive issue in the UK in my lifetime”. He also shared personal memories of key figures on the world stage including Boris Yeltsin, Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev and Helmut Kohl.

    Speaking at one of our regular Politics Society evenings, Sir John touched on the background to his political career – childhood, leaving school at 16, working abroad – before sharing his thoughts on a world where “nationalism is outstripping idealism”. He emphasised the need for considered debate and stressed how our pupils, the next generation of political thinkers, can play a key part in shaping the future.

    Sir John outlined his belief that leaving the EU would be harmful to the UK, leaving us isolated and adversely affecting trade deals and overseas investment. Alongside this, he voiced his thoughts on the growing Chinese economy, Trump’s “America First” foreign policy, and poverty in less economically developed countries. Hate crime, terror attacks and cyber-security threats were also highlighted, along with more positive statistics reflecting a global reduction in child mortality in recent years.

    The subsequent Q&A session proved extremely engaging for the Senior pupils of all years in attendance, as well as parents and staff. Topics addressed included a potential second EU referendum, Sir John’s proudest achievement as PM (the Northern Ireland Peace Process) and his views on the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (doing a good job).

    Sixth Form Politics student Lotty Wylde said: “The overwhelmingly positive reaction from the Kimbolton community following Sir John’s visit echoes the quality of the talk. The Politics Society would like to thank him for such an inspiring speech, as well as an enthusiastic and thought-provoking discussion over dinner afterwards. This was certainly a memorable event.”

    Our active Politics Society is open to all Senior School year groups, with a termly programme of meetings, guest speakers and mock law cases. Find out more about Politics at Kimbolton.