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    European Day of Languages

    Pupils from Reception to the Upper Sixth Form enjoy a packed programme of linguistic and cultural activities.

    Pupils across our whole school celebrated the European Day of Languages with a packed programme of linguistic and cultural activities - as well as a delicious lunch with a European theme.

    At the Prep School, each year group focused on a different language, including French, Spanish and German. Many children took the option of replacing their normal school shirt or blouse with a top in one or more colours of the flag of their class’s country.

    During the day, Lower Prep pupils enjoyed Italian and Spanish activities with parent volunteers, ate croissants and brioche for their morning snack, and built an Eiffel Tower in the playground. Meanwhile, Upper Prep pupils took part in a languages trail, filling in a ‘passport’ to show the activities they completed. These included learning about each country’s language and history, making Gaudi mosaics, a coliseum card, a leaning tower of Pisa, and decorating biscuits with a German or Spanish flag. In the afternoon, pupils joined together in the Hunter Hall for a special assembly – a highlight of which was the Lower Prep’s ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ sung in French!

    At the Senior School, the European Day of Languages extended across the whole week, with a variety of activities on offer each day. These include Photography, Art and Bake Off competitions with a European theme, Spanish singing, and after-school lessons in Flamenco and Salsa dancing.

    A Council of Europe initiative, the European Day of Languages (26 September) has been celebrated every year since 2001.  The main message of the day is that language skills are a necessity and a right for everyone, young and old, opening up opportunities and helping us to understand each other better.