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    KSTEM: A Week of Discovery

    Virtual reality, bridge building and a mobile planetarium are just a few of the exciting additions to our Senior and Prep School curricula from 29 October-2 November.

    Virtual reality, bridge building and a mobile planetarium are just a few of the exciting additions to our Prep and Senior School curricula from 29 October-2 November. Kimbolton’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths week (KSTEM) will see pupils from Reception to the Upper Sixth Form taking part in a series of hands-on events, designed to encourage scientific enquiry, develop critical thinking skills, and inspire a greater interest in the STEM subjects.

    The week got off to a great start at the Prep on Monday, with Chris Welbourne of ‘Animal Encounters’. Reception to Year 4 enjoyed the opportunity to meet and learn about creatures from around the world, including a stick insect, a boa constrictor and a Chilean rose tarantula. At the Senior School, Andrea and Hannah Mackay of the Institute of Civil Engineers launched the first of a series of bridge-building workshops for our First and Second Forms.

    Science Magician Dr Matt Pritchard has been conjuring up gasps of amazement at both ends of our campus. On Monday and Tuesday pupils from Reception to Year 4, plus our First and Second Forms, enjoyed his ‘Surprising Science’ show - packed with tricks, stunts and puzzles that challenged pupils to discover the scientific secrets behind illusions. Dr Pritchard also discussed smart materials and technology inspired by biology, such as spider webs and camouflage, with Years 5 and 6. Our Third and Fourth Forms were captivated by a demo-packed exploration of the history, conflict and collaboration between magicians and scientists.

    Later this week, the Upper Prep will be visiting the Senior School for an action-packed Chemistry demonstration in the Lewis Hall with our Director of Science, Mr Gray, while the Lower Prep will have a visit from their own ‘potions masters’, Chemistry teachers Mr Cole and Ms Cox. Years 3 and 4 will work together to create an impressive large-scale lit-up Lego village, while Year 6 will learn about the heart and circulation with guest Biology teacher, Mr Jenns.

    Ingrams’ pupils can look forward to Dr Ian Dunne’s presentation “Think Like a Scientist”, which will explore the discoveries of great minds ranging from Galileo to Darwin and beyond. Dr Dunne will also put the spark back into science for our Third to Fifth Formers, with live demonstrations in “The Nearest Thing to Real Magic … Electricity.”  Other activities at the Senior School include talks by Dr James Brighton on “Automotive Innovation” and Dr Ginny Smith on “Your Irrational Brain” and “Mastering Memory”,  as well as zip car construction, a Chinese lantern making competition and a visit to Mastercard’s offices in Peterborough.

    This year’s KSTEM evening lecture is by Dave Eagle, a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. His talk, ‘Celebrating Tim Peake’s Principa Mission’, will provide pupils, parents and staff with an overview of how Tim was launched to the International Space Station and what was achieved during his six-month mission.

    Mrs Suzanne Neal, organiser of the Prep School Science week said: “This is a bi-annual event which encourages our younger children to think about how the sciences, technology, engineering and maths relate to our everyday lives and to the world around us – whilst having lots of fun. A highlight of the week is our visit to the Senior School for an interactive Chemistry demonstration, which is a great opportunity for pupils in Years 3 to 6 to get a hands-on taste of science at secondary school level.”

    Mr Gray added: “The aim of KSTEM is to widen the pupils' experience beyond the basic curriculum and to give them the opportunity of exploring topics at a greater depth and in innovative ways. I hope they will be inspired by the range of events and opportunities on offer – thank you to everyone who has contributed and got involved so far."