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    Peer Mentoring Boosts Pupils' Wellbeing

    Fourth Form pupils lead a ‘wellbeing workshop’ for pupils at Greenfields Primary School, Kettering.

    Eleven of our Fourth Form pupils led a ‘wellbeing workshop’ for over 60 pupils at Greenfields Primary School in Kettering yesterday (16 Jan). The hour-long session, which they planned and delivered themselves, focused on different ways in which the younger children could manage their everyday worries and concerns.

    The visit was part of the ongoing Kimbolton-Greenfields Peer Support Programme, which launched in 2016 and is now in its fourth year. The overall aim of the project is to increase the aspirations of younger pupils, support them over the final years of their primary education, and to foster mutual learning. The older pupils gain mentoring and presentation skills, as well as the opportunity to make a real difference by acting as role models for younger children.

    The scheme is led by Kimbolton School English teachers Mrs Sophie Poole and Mr Tristan Pithers, along with Greenfields Primary School teachers. Mrs Poole said: “This year we are focusing on wellbeing and resilience and our pupils did us proud, discussing strategies such as healthy eating, observing, good sleep, volunteering and listening. Mrs Lucy Black, a Year 5 teacher at Greenfields, commented that they were a ‘credit to the school’ and one our pupils said it was the ‘best thing ever’, that they had done.

    Peer mentoring schemes are popular in the UK and offer many benefits both to the mentors and to their fellow pupils. These include increasing self-esteem and confidence, improving social interaction, and boosting academic achievement. Pupils develop life skills such as effective listening, problem solving and leadership.

    We look forward to visiting the Greenfields’ pupils again in the Summer term.