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    Science Students Showcase Research


    L6th Form Biologists and Chemists present their work ahead of the Cambridge Science Festival.

    L6th Form Biologists and Chemists presented their individual research projects in poster form at our annual science showcase yesterday. The event was a highlight of the Kimbolton ‘7th Period Super Curriculum’, in which students are given one lesson a week to carry out a research project entirely of their choosing. Many of this year’s projects involved more in-depth laboratory work than is possible during the A level curriculum. 

    The event is an opportunity for students to share their ideas with the wider school community, including pupils from other years, parents and staff. Among the huge range of scientifically interesting topics on display were studies on ‘How different hormones affect mentality in sport’, ‘The addictive mechanisms of addictive substances’ and ‘How climate change is affecting the global distribution of malaria.’

    17-year-old Olivia Nwosu, who joined our school last year, is studying A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Spanish. She enjoyed sharing her research on ‘The province of pain’ with visitors and said: “I’m interested in becoming a doctor, so this was an ideal opportunity to research a topic related to that career. I think it will be a good addition to my cv and also give me something extra to talk about in interviews.”

    Chemistry teacher and showcase organiser Ms Moira Cox added: “My colleagues and I have been really impressed with the students’ presentations. They relished the chance to use their classroom learning to go beyond the curriculum and explore their own individual interests. In the process, all of them have gained valuable research and presentation skills.”

    16 of the students will now take their projects to the Cambridge Science Festival on 23 March, where students will have the opportunity of presenting their ideas to the general public.