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    New Sportswear plus Uniform Updates for September 2018

    First introduced in 2005, our current sportswear is now ripe for updating as fabric and product design have both moved on apace in the intervening 13 years.

    From September 2018, we will be introducing a number of changes to our sportswear for the Reception Year at the Prep School through to the Fourth Form at the Senior School, along with some uniform updates for all Prep School pupils and Senior School girls.  Wherever possible, items will carry through from the Prep School to Senior School. With just a handful of exceptions, all of the changes will be phased in over the next 18 months.

    The timeline for the phased introduction is as follows:

    • March 2018 - new cricket wear available from Schoolblazer as an optional purchase
    • April 2018 - samples of the new range will be available in the School Shop
    • Late June 2018 - items available online from Schoolblazer
    • September 2018 - all pupils from Year 3 to Fourth Form must have at least the new team shirt and socks in order to facilitate matches against other schools. New joiners should purchase the new range only.
    • March 2019 - new cricket wear becomes compulsory
    • September 2019 - remainder of new range becomes compulsory.

    Full details of the changes are in the Bursar's letter to parents below. Representations of the new range by age groups and genders are also available below.