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    2014 Autumn Term - Prep Girls

    Listed below is a summary of the Autumn Term 2014 results for each of the Prep Girls' sports teams.  Click on the team links to find out about the results of particular fixtures.  Detailed information on forthcoming fixtures is in our Forthcoming Sports Matches section.



    Team: U11

    Team Manager: Mrs Jenny Edwards
    Professional Coach: Mr Ben Mills
    Captain: Sophie Faulkner

    Team Opposition Result Score Women of the Match
    Stephen Perse Foundation Lost 0-5 Millie Goodyer 
      Rugby Tournament Plate Final  n/a Rhiannon Angel & Millie Goodyer 
      Milton Keynes Prep Lost 0-4  
      IAPS Tournament   n/a  
      The Perse      
      County Tournament   n/a   
      St. Joseph's in the Park      
    B Stephen Perse Foundation Lost  0-4  Amelia Morgan 
      Milton Keynes Prep      
      The Perse      
    Milton Keynes Prep      


    Team: U10

    Team Manager: Mrs Zoe Sheffield
    Professional Coach: Mrs Janet O'Brien

    Team Opposition Result Score Women of the Match
    A Stephen Perse Foundation Won 2-1 Holly Harper
      Stamford Junior Won 4-1 Madeleine Todd
      St. John's College Won 8-0 Holly Harper
      Witham Hall Tournament 3rd n/a Daisy Coulson-Bascombe & Anna Price
      The Perse Drawn 3-3 Cate Fenton
      Wellingborough Won 5-0 Maddie Todd
      Stamford Junior Won 10-1 Anne Price
    B Stephen Perse Foundation Won 3-0 Olivia Corner
      Stamford Junior Won 2-0 Sophie Hawkes
      St. John's College Won 9-0 Lucia Mosca & Anna Duberly
      The Perse Drawn 1-1 Beth Brown & Maisy Langley
      Wellingborough Won 6-0 Lily Mckenzie
      Stamford Junior Won 6-1 Anna Duberly & Lucia Mosca
    C Stamford Junior Won 3-0 Georgie Greig & Jessica Spavins 
      St. John's College Cancelled    
      The Perse Won 1-0 Jessica Spavins
      Stamford Junior Won 3-1 Jessica Spavins


    Team: U9

    Team Manager: Mrs Suzanne Neal
    Professional Coach:

    Team Opposition Result Score Women of the Match
    Quinton House Drawn 2-2  Poppy Hunter 
      St. Faiths Lost 1-2 Megan Soul
      Spratton Hall Won 3-0 Lauren Cove
      Kingshott Won 5-0 Sadie Werrett 
      Stamford Junior Won 4-1 Isabel Davis
      Wellingborough Won 4-1 The Entire Team!
    B Quinton House Won 1-0 Anna Bamford
      St. Faiths Drawn 1-1 Eva Spall
      Spratton Hall Lost 2-3 Alexandra Gherabi 
      Kingshott Drawn 2-2 Alexandra Gherabi 
      Stamford Junior Lost 0-3 Eva Spall
      Wellingborough Drawn 0-0 Anna Spall
    C St. Faiths Won 2-1 Kate Morris
      Spratton Hall Won 2-0 Kate Morris
      Stamford Junior Won 9-0 Kate Hudson