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    A Boarder's Typical Week

     What is life as a boarder at Kimbolton really like?  Here fourteen year-old Elloise outlines a typical weekday in White House:

    7.20 Wake up, although many of the girls are awake already straightening their hair. I tend to leave it to the last minute and wait for that knock on the door from the younger pupil on duty.
    7.50 Breakfast in the Dining Room. This meal is my favourite meal of the day.  You can have a fry-up, crumpets and jam, healthy muesli and yogurt or all three.
    8.20 Back to the house and time to pack and check that I have put my washing in the laundry bin.
    8.30 Pick up my snack for break from Natalie, our wonderful house matron, and then off to school.
    8.40 Registration and normal lessons
    13.10  It's lunch time and boarders have the privilege of going on the High Street during lunch or going back to the boarding house. I forgot my Games kit this morning so I am going to go and get it before lunch.
    14.15  Registration and normal lessons
    4.20 End of school.  I go back to the House and thank the cleaners as I was well aware I left my room in a mess this morning. There is a snack waiting for me.  Today it's doughnuts but it can vary from fruit to crisps to homemade cakes. I have just enough time to change before I go back to school for choir practice. I have things on most days after school as I ride for the school equestrian team, play three instruments and am in the school choir and orchestra. This term is also the school play and they practice three times a week so I am sure I will get involved in some way.  
     5.30 Choir practice has finished and now I have 30 minutes to relax, hang out in the common room and check my emails in the prep room. This is when you can find out how everyone's day has gone. 
     6.00 Tea with the boys back at school.  We mix with the boys' house every meal time and with some activities, which is great as my brother is there.  However, I do not want to see him too much so it's nice just to nod to him at tea and check that he is okay.
     6.30 The whole house rushes back for Hollyoaks. Complete silence in the common room. 
     7.00 to 9.00 Prep in my room. We have internet access in our rooms which is great as I can use the intranet to help with my homework. The younger girls have to do prep in a communal common room which has computers, scanner and printer. 
    9.00  Free time now till bed.  This is when I can relax, which I like to do by playing Guitar Hero with others on the PlayStation. I am preparing for the house competition.
    10.00  In my room, getting ready for bed and school the next day. I am a fourth year so my lights must be out by 10:15 when the duty staff member comes round and checks us.


    Term-time weekends are always busy with sports matches, drama rehearsals and trips and visits away from Kimbolton. Boarders have access to the sports facilities, including the swimming pool, and the school grounds.

    We also run a programme of boarders excursions to a wide variety of destinations chosen by them. There is a trip every weekend. Favourites include London shows, high rope adventure centres, theme parks, shopping trips and the annual Clothes Show at the NEC.