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    Frequently Asked Questions

    On this page we've put together answers to some of our parents' most popular questions. If your query isn't answered here, then please call 01480 862276 or email us.

    What happens after I have booked and paid for a place on the swimming lesson scheme?

    Having booked and paid for a place for your child you should receive an email confirming the time and dates of your lessons. You could also receive a letter detailing the dates/times if we do not have your email address.

    In case you don’t receive an email or you have mislaid the letter we have made the term dates available on our website.

    Can I watch the lessons?

    Parents are only allowed to watch the lessons on the first and final week of term. Our teachers have found that the children concentrate better and make more rapid progress without distractions on poolside.

    What happens at the first lesson?

    Please arrive approximately 5–10 minutes before the start of the lesson. Once they are changed, children can wait in the locker area until their lesson begins.

    Don’t forget:

    • Long hair should be tied back and preferably a swimming cap worn.  If a cap cannot be worn then please ensure hair is tied back using a band or bobble.
    • Goggles are allowed but parents are responsible for adjusting and ensuring they fit correctly.
    • Boys swimming shorts must be above the knee.
    • T-shirts, Loose fitting shorts and wet suits are not appropriate for swimming lessons as they can inhibit some of the swimming activities.

    We do not promote the use of armbands but children can wear them if they will not enter the water without them. We have armbands on site for children to use.

    Please ensure your child uses the toilet before the lesson starts and they shower before entering the water.

    Poor behaviour during the lessons will not be tolerated, children must observe the swimming pool rules at all times.

    How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

    This is dependent on a number of factors. Extra swimming away from the lessons usually helps a child develop greater confidence and gives them the chance to practise the skills taught. Children who are introduced to swimming at an early age generally make more rapid progress.

    What if I believe my child is too advanced for their class?

    During the first lesson the teacher will usually assess your child’s ability. The teacher will inform the pool staff if your child is not suitable for the lesson and we will move them to a different level. Wherever possible we will try and keep them to the same day and time.

    What happens at the end of term?

    All our swimmers receive an individual report from their teacher at the end of each term. The report will contain details of their progress plus specific points they need to work on to move up to a higher class.

    If they have achieved an award it will be issued together with the report. All our awards are free of charge. Additional awards for the ASA competitive start are available to purchase if a swimmer has successfully completed the exam criteria.

    Why has my child not achieved an award at the end of term?

    If your child does not receive an award the teacher will detail the reasons in their end of term report. The teacher will give details on what particular skills they need to develop to move to the next level.

    Please remember that as a child advances further in the scheme awards/skills become progressively harder to master. It is not uncommon for a child to remain at a certain level for a couple of terms.

    What happens if my child misses a lesson?

    We are sorry but missed lessons cannot be rearranged or transferred to another term. Lessons are booked by term.

    What happens if the lessons are cancelled?

    Our priority will be to reschedule the lessons or add another lesson on to the end of the term. We can also transfer the lesson to the following term.

    How do I enrol my child for next term's lessons?

    When you receive your child’s report you should also receive an enrolment form for the next term. You can enrol your child when you collect the report. All swimming enrolments are processed on the day they are received. A receipt will be issued confirming your child’s place. If you wish to secure a particular day/time it essential you return the forms at the earliest opportunity together with payment. The pool accepts cash, cheques and credit/debit cards. We cannot reserve places on the scheme.

    What happens if I don’t enrol my child by the closing date for enrolments?

    Your child’s place is only secured in the lesson scheme once you have paid for the next term. If you don’t enrol your child you could lose their place. We do accept late enrolments and we will try our very best to secure the day/time you desire but we cannot guarantee we will be able to fulfil your wishes.