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    Getting The Most From Your Lessons

    Below are some tips to ensure you get the best value for your child(ren) from our swimming lessons.

    • Ensure your child/children arrive at the pool in enough time to get changed so they arrive on poolside before the lesson starts. This will help them to better focus on their lesson and not miss the start of the class.
    • Make sure your child has a pair of good quality goggles. Worn goggles that leak will not help your child enjoy their lessons and will make swimming miserable.  Your child’s goggles should be adjusted and correctly fitted before the lesson starts. Problems with goggles leaking will not help a child to relax and concentrate on their lesson.
    • Continue the swimming away from lessons by taking your child(ren) for a swim in your local pool. Encourage them to practise the skills they have been taught during the lesson; it will also enable them to show you what they have learnt.  Equally, more time in the pool will help not only further improve their skills but it will also develop their confidence in the water.
    • Try and make a visit to a pool a regular part of your family’s weekly activities. Many pools have special discounted prices for families. All Kimbolton School pupils (although not parents) are entitled to free swimming at our pool. Kimbolton School Swimming Pool also offers non pupils/families a special discounted price - a mother and father together with up to 3 three hildren can swim for only £9.50.
    • Work at teaching your child to practise holding their breath, children can find it difficult to master this skill; often they continue to try and breathe and swallow water. This in turn can make it very difficult later for a child to want to put their face into the water; an essential skill when learning to swim.
    • Use bath time to encourage your child to get their face, head and hair wet.
    • Ensure that your child(ren) are aware that they must behave correctly during their lessons. Poor behaviour will disturb the lesson and your child will not learn to swim.