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    KSPA 100 Club

    Introducing  the 100 Club which was set up to help the KSPA fundraising effort.

    • All parents, guardians, pupils (over 16), school staff and governors are eligible to join.
    • Members of the Club are allocated a number at a cost of £25 per year (payable by cheque).  Each member can choose to have more than one number.
    • During the school year, there are 9 monthly draws (October to June) and a Grand Draw (to the value of 3 months) in July.
    • If 100 numbers are allocated, the monthly prizes will be 1st Prize £50, 2nd Prize £30, 3rd Prize £20.
    • The July Grand Draw prizes will be 1st Prize £150, 2nd Prize £90, 3rd Prize £60.
    • Should more or less than 100 numbers be allocated, the value of the prizes will be adjusted accordingly.

    The 100 Club helps raise funds for the KSPA to benefit the pupils at Kimbolton School. The extra funds that the KSPA raise have been used to help pay for things outside of the normal budget process and has included things such as trim trails, playground equipment, boats, pianos etc, etc. 

    A single payment of £25 gives you one chance in a monthly draw (October to June with a bonus draw in July worth three normal draws).   A person may purchase as many £25 'membership shares' as they want.  Contributions will be payable by cheque (made out to Kimbolton School Parents Association), to be paid by the end of September to cover the nine draws. 

    The draw will take place in the School on the first Wednesday of each month or at a KSPA Meeting which falls close to this date.  Winners will be notified by email and names will be published on the School website.  The prizes will be sent by post to winners.  Participants must be parents, guardians, pupils (over 16), School staff or Governors.

    If you join after the first draw the annual payment is reduced accordingly.

    A regular review of prizes will be made as the Club develops and grows but each 100 members will form a separate club thereby increasing the numbers of winning shares.

    Take the plunge, complete the form below and return to the KSPA Treasurer with your cheque NOW!

    KSPA Treasurer
    c/o Kimbolton School
    Cambs      PE28 0EA