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    OKA Committee

    The OKA is 'managed' by a committee comprised of Old Kimboltonians, current staff and former members of staff.  Committee Meetings are held three times a year (usually the first Saturday of each term) and an AGM is held in October/November.  Current members of the Committee are confirmed below:

    President:            James Brown (OK 94)
    Vice-President:    Jonathan Belbin (Headmaster
    Treasurer:            Position vacant
    Secretary:             Helen Hopperton (OK 85)

    Andrew Bamford (Staff) Charlotte Goodson (OK 88) Claire Murphy (OK 90)
    Danni Belbin (12) Alaster Gray (OK 73) Peter Saxton (OK 75)
    George Beverly (OK 08) John Hitchin (OK 71) Bill Skinner (former Staff)
    Michael Capps (OK 65) James Hodges (OK 11) Joshua Spink (OK 07)
    Josh Doonan (OK 13) James Hopperton (OK 94) Roger Watson (former Staff)
    Joanna Doyle (OK 84) Jonathan Hunter (OK 80) Fiona Whiteman (OK 85)
    Hattie Gellatly (OK 13) Jack Kenmir (OK 12)  
    Theo Gibbs (OK 68) Steve Kingan (OK 72)  
    Sarah Gill (OK 12) John Mayes (OK 51)  

    We would always welcome new members to the OKA Committee - if you are interested in getting involved and supporting the OKA please contact Helen Hopperton for further information.

    Year Group Representatives

    If you are unable to commit to joining the OKA Committee but would still like to get involved and help strengthen the OK network, how about becoming a Year Group Rep?  Year Group Reps act as a primary contact for OKs in their specific year group and help organise reunions. Contact the OKA Office for more information.

    Committee Meeting Dates

    7 September 2019 10.30am  AGM
    7 September 2019  11.00am Committee Meeting
    January 2020 Committee Meeting (in London)

    All OKs are welcome to attend the AGM which will be held in the Geoff Coles Room in the Queen Katharine Building prior to the OKA Committee Meeting**.  The Agenda is available in advance by contacting Helen Hopperton.

    (** Please sign in at The Bursary before making your way to the GCR)

    Annual General Meetings

    The OKA Rules stipulate that an AGM is held every year.  Minutes of previous AGMs can be viewed in the OKA Member's Area.