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    Prep Girls' Hockey Results

    Listed below is a summary of the Autumn term 2016 results for each of the Prep Girls' hockey teams.  Click on the team links to find out about the results of particular fixtures.  Detailed information on forthcoming fixtures is in our Forthcoming Sports Matches section.

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    U11 Fixtures

    Date Team Opposition Home/Away Result Score Player of the Match
    14 Sept A Tournament Away 3rd - Sadie Werrett
        Witham Hall   D 0-0  
        Copthill   W 1-0  
        Stamford   D 0-0  
        Bedford Girls   L 0-1  
    23 Sept A Stephen Perse Home D 0-0 Sadie Werrett
      B     L 1-5 Anna Bamford
    30 Sept A Milton Keynes Home L 0-2 Emilia Neale
      B     L 1-2 Ruby Lane
      C     W 3-0 Mariko McGarva
    7 Oct A IAPS Tournament Away 1/4 finals - Sadie Werrett & Mariko McGarva
    12 Oct A Country Tournament Away      
    14 Oct A Bedford Girls Away L 0-2 Ciara Andrell
      B     L 0-2 Anna Bamford
      C     L 0-3 Poppy Hunter
      D     L 0-9 Sammy-Jo Webb
    15 Oct A Stamford Junior Home L 3-4 Isabel Davis
      B     W 3-0 Mariko McGarva
      C     L 0-2 Amelie Skinner
    4 Nov A Milton Keynes Home      
      B     W 9-0 Poppy Hunter
    11 Nov A Wellingborough Away L 0-1  
      B     L 0-1 Francesca Frost
      C     W 2-0 Amelie Skinner
    12 Nov A Laxton Junior Home L 3-4  
      B     L 0-2 Anna Bamford

    U10 Fixtures

    Date Team Opposition Home/Away Result Score Player of the Match
    16 Sept A-D St. John's Away x x Cancelled due to waterlogged pitch
    20 Sept A St. Faith's Home L 0-1 Sophia Taylor
      B     L 0-6 Isabele Fidler
      C     W 8-0 Madeleine Hollands
      D     W 8-0 Mathilde Layman
    8 Oct A Tournament Away 3rd - Lola Robinson
      B     5th - Ruby Lorigan & Amelia Cremonesini
    14 Oct A Stamford Home W 11-0 Sophia Taylor
      B     W 8-1 The Whole Team!
      C     W 3-0 Isabele Fidler
    4 Nov A Milton Keynes Home W 2-0 Lily Page & Aoife Stokes
    5 Nov A Stephen Perse Away D 2-2 Connie Ramply
      B     L 1-2 Ruby Lorigan & Alana Willis
    9 Nov A Tournament Away - 2nd The Whole Team!
    11 Nov A Bedford Girls Home W 5-0 Ruby Lane
      B     L 0-1 Ruby Lorigan
      C     W 3-0 Lily Sljapic & Sophia Prew
      D     W 1-0 Bethany Cornwell
    18 Nov A Wellingborough Away      
    25 Nov A The Perse Away L 2-6 Connie Ramply & Aoife Stokes
      B     L 0-5 Holly Rowbotham
      C     D 0-0 Emma Croucher

    U9 Fixtures

    Date Team Opposition Home/Away Result Score Player of the Match
    22 Sept A The Perse Home D 3-3 Emily Quayle
      B     L 0-1 Esther Cove & Imogen Kidman
      C     L 0-1 Anna Turner
      D     L 1-3 Phoebe Phillips
    29 Sept A Spratton Hall Home W 4-0 Tessa Quayle & Hannah McNish
      B     W 1-0 Tilley Skinner & Charlotte Reid
    3 Nov A St. Faith's Away L 1-2 Emily Quayle
      B     D 1-1 Anna Turner & Tilley Skinner
      C     L 1-3 Elizabeth Russell
      D     L 1-2 Emilia Healey
    10 Nov A Wellingborough Away L 0-1 Esther Cove
      B     W 5-0 Hannah McNish
    18 Nov B Quinton House Home - - Cancelled
    26 Nov A Tournament Away 1st   Hannah McNish
        Laxton   W 1-0  
        Bedford Modern   W 2-0  
        Witham Hall B   W 2-0  
        Witham Hall A   W 1-0  
        Laxton   W 3-0  
    1 Dec A Laxton Junior Home W 2-0 Tilley Skinner
      B     D 1-1 Arana Perera
      C     L 2-3 Molly Stenson