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    Philosophy - Spring 2023

    What is knowledge? What is truth? What do we mean by the nature and meaning of life?

    Our Philosophy Masterclasses aim to bring together like-minded Year 5 children from local primary schools to explore fundamental ideas such as these.

    Based on the Philosophy for Children (P4C) approach to this subject, our sessions will each start with a stimulus and the children will then be encouraged to draw on their imagination to ask a question based on wonderment (I wonder why…?). They will then make a collective decision on the question they are most interested in and the enquiry will then start, but not be contained. It will follow its own path guided by the children’s thoughts and ideas, agreeing and disagreeing, but with them always giving a reason for their point of view. 

    In a nutshell, P4C builds higher-order thinking, questioning, speaking and listening skills and can build confidence. It creates respect for others, promotes engagement with learning and enhances educational development. 

    Each week, the course will explore one or more themes such as:

    • Happiness
    • Freedom
    • Good luck and bad luck
    • Circus panda
    • Is it art?
    • Republic Island

    Still not sure whether to apply? 

    Look at our Testimonials page to see what others think of our Masterclasses programme.

    Dates, times and how to apply

    This Spring Term course will be held on the following Saturdays in 2023: 25 February, 4 March, 11 March and 18 March.

    The timings, including the introductory briefing for parents and final week presentation, will be:

      Philosophy Course
    Week(s) Intro Briefing Class Final Presentation
    1 0900-0915 0915-1045  
    2 and 3   0900-1030  
    4   0900-1030 1030-1045

    Although each session is independent of the others, we expect children to attend all the Masterclasses in their course.  There is no charge, but places are limited, and we cannot guarantee a place for every child who applies. 

    We will write to head teachers of participating schools in mid-January to invite them to nominate suitable children. The deadline for applications is 9am on Tuesday 31 January; we will email all parents/carers to inform them of their success or otherwise in obtaining a place by the evening of Monday 6 February. Please check your junk/spam box if you have not heard from us by this date.