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    Covid-19: Guidance for Pool Users

    Before leaving home

    • Do not come to the pool if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 (temperature, cough, difficulty breathing or loss of taste or smell.
    • Ensure that you have pre-booked and paid for your swimming session. There can be no casual entry.
    • Hand sanitiser will be available outside the pool entrance and in the foyer, although you may prefer to bring your own.
    • Follow the directions for entry and exit from the pool. 
    • To reduce time spent in the changing area arrive at the pool ready to swim, wearing your swim wear under your clothing. Whilst changing on poolside maintain social distancing from the other pool users. Bags and clothes can be left on the benches on poolside. 

    When using the Pool

    • You will be guided by the pool staff to a lane. In the pool please keep to your assigned lane and follow the lane directions of travel. 
    • When swimming always attempt to maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and another swimmer. 
    • If you should change to a slower stroke think about moving lanes.
    • Should you stop for a rest in your lane please be mindful others may want to keep swimming without stopping; keep yourself to the edge of the lane allowing others to turn at the wall, turn your head away to maintain social distancing measures.

    Once you have finished your swim

    • Communal changing rooms will be available when you leave the water (we are unable to offer private changing rooms).
    • Whilst changing keep inside the marked 'social distancing' areas on the benches.
    • Please spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms and if you can, leave in your swim wear.