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    Extra-Curricular Activities - Spring 2022

    Senior School Extra-Curricular Activities 

    View Senior School extra-curricular activities for the Spring term 2022.

    Lower Prep (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) Extra-Curricular Activities List

    Activity/Club Staff Timings


    Reception Board Games PW, JL 3.30-4.05
    Y1 Music through Storytelling  VH, LDF 3.30-4.05
    Y2 Football  SS, CF 3.30-4.05


    Y1 Book Club JL, JJ 3.30-4.05
    Y2 Zumba PW, LE 3.40-4.15

    Y1 Stringlets (additional chargeable activity; currently £115 per term)

    Mr Thompson, Mrs Brien, Mr Groom 3.30-4.15


    Reception Funky Feet PW, SS 3.30-4.05
    Y1 Cookery Club AE, JJ 3.30-4.05
    Y2 Craft Club LE, AY 3.30-4.05


    Y1 Construction VH, AK 3.30-4.05
    Y2 k-Nex AW, LC 3.30-4.05
    Y2 Ministrings (additional chargeable activity; currently £115 per term) Mr Thompson, Mrs Brien, Mr Metzger and Mr Groom  3.30-4.20


    Y1 and Y2 Xylophone Mr Groom  3.40-4.10
















    Upper Prep (Years 3-6) Extra-Curricular Activities List 

    Day Activity/Club Staff Timings


    Monday Before School Years 3-6 Recorder Ninjas Mr Groom 8.00-8.30
      Jazz Band - by invitation only Mr Groom 8.30-8.55
    Monday Lunchtime Junior Choir (Y3&4) Mr Groom 1.30-1.55
    Monday After School

    LAMDA Speech and Drama (Y3-6)

    **Please note, this club will incur an additional termly charge which will be added to your school fees account**
    Ms Beau Roberts


      Senior Choir (Y5&6) Mr Groom 4.00-5.00


    Tuesday Before School

    Years 3-6 Running Club
    Open to all levels and abilities

    Mrs Evans, Miss Smith, Miss Bell 8.00-8.30
    Tuesday Lunchtime

    String Ensemble

    Mr Groom/VMTs 1.00-1.30

    Chess – Years 3, 5 & 6
    *Not available to Year 4 due to curriculum swimming lessons*

    Mrs Butler 1.30-1.55
    Tuesday After School Year 3&4 Games Club Mr Bull, Mrs Evans, Miss Bell, Mrs Prew 4.00-5.10
      Years 3-6 Lego Mrs Bridgeford 4.00-5.00
      Year 5&6 Art Club
    Mrs Tavares 4.00-5.00

    Swim Team Training

    For existing squad members from the Autumn Term or those additionally invited.

    Collection from the school pool at 5.15pm

    Mrs Hartley-Booth




    Wednesday Before School Junior Pianists Ensemble (Y3&4) Mr Groom 8.00-8.30
      Clarinet Ensemble Mr Caldecote 8.30-8.55
    Wednesday Lunchtime Guitar Group Mr Hickman 1.00-1.30
      Ukulele Group Mr Hickman 1.30-1.55
    Wednesday After School Years 3, 5 & 6 Chess Club Mrs Butler


      Year 5&6 Wellbeing Club Mrs Roper


      Year 4 Drama Showcase Compulsory Rehearsal

    Mr Groom, Mrs Neal


      Year 5 Cookery Club Mrs Bettison 4.00-5.00
      Chamber Choir – by invitation only Miss Wilson 4.00-5.00

    Years 3-6 Yoga

    **Please note that there is an additional charge for this activity which will be added to your end of term account once enrolled**
    Mrs Crosby 4.00-5.00


    Thursday Before School Rock Band – by invitation Mr Groom 8.00-8.30
      Brass Group Mr Hutchings 8.30-8.55
    Thursday Lunchtime Senior Orchestra (Y5&6) Mr Groom 1.00-1.30
      Year 5&6 Book Club Mrs Evans 1.00-1.30
    Thursday After School Year 5&6 Games Club Mr Bull, Mrs Evans. Miss Bell & Sports coaches 4.00-5.10
      Years 3-6 KNEX Club Miss Smith 4.00-5.00
      Years 3&4 Canvas Club Mrs Lambert 4.00-5.00


    Friday Before School Senior Pianists Ensemble (Y5&6) Mr Groom 8.00-8.30
      Flute Ensemble VMT 8.30-8.55
    Friday Lunchtime Junior Orchestra (Y3&4) Mr Groom 1.00-1.30
      Year 3 Recorder  Mr Groom 1.30-1.55 
    Friday After School

    Years 3-6 Scrabble Club

    Mr Stokes 4.00-5.00
      Year 5&6 Latin Club Mrs Bonnaud 4.00-5.00
      Years 3-6 Natural History Club Mr Treble 4.00-5.00