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    Sports Fixtures Information and Results

    Your support at matches is greatly appreciated by our pupils and staff. A map and details of the location of our pitches is here.  We have also compiled information on the locations of away matches and other sports venues (including postcodes).

    Sports Results

    Forthcoming Sports Matches - Spring Term 2020

    Prep School

    Upcoming fixtures are listed below. Please note: start times and pick up times are approximate;  weekly team sheets are posted on the sports notice board at The Prep School and are the most accurate and up to date source of information.

    Prep Boys' Hockey

    (Scroll to view on tablet or mobile)
    Date Team Start Time Opposition Home/Away Return
    16/01/2020 U9 A-C 14:00 Stamford Festival A 17:00
    17/01/2020 U10 A-C 15:45 Bedford School H 16:45
    17/01/2020 U11 A-C 15:45 Bedford School A 17:30
    18/01/2020 U10 A-C 10:00 Stamford A 12:15
    20/01/20 U11A All day IAPS Hockey Tournament - Rugby School A  
    23/01/2020 U8 A-C 14:00 Stamford Festival A 17:00
    23/01/2020 U9 14:00 3-a-side Boys' Hockey Festival H 15:50
    24/01/2020 Y5 & Y6 14:00 House Matches H 15:50
    30/01/2020 U9 A-B 14:00 Boys' Football Festival @ Laxton Junior School A 17:00
    31/01/2020 U10 A 16:30 Bedford Modern  H 17:30
    01/02/2020 U10 A-B  13:00 Football Tournament - Witham Hall A 17:00
    05/02/2020 U11 A pm  Hockey County Tournament tbc tbc
    06/02/2020 U9 A-C  14:30 The Perse Prep A 17:30
    06/02/2020 U8 A-C 14:30 Stamford A 17:00
    07/02/2020 U10 A-C  14:30 The Perse H 16:00
    07/02/2020 U11C 14:30 The Perse  H 16:00
    08/02/2020 U10 & U11 13:30 Bilton Grange A 16:30
    13/02/2020 Y3 & Y4 14:00 House Matches H 15:50


    Prep Girls' Netball

    (Scroll to view on tablet or mobile)
    Date Team Staff Lunch Leaving Time Start Time Opposition Pitch Home/Away Transport Teas Return/Pick Up
    18 Jan U11ABCDE ESB/SB/LS     0930 Bedford Girls Prep Home   1045 1100
    18 Jan U10A&B CE/EP   0830 1000 Stamford   Away Coach   1215


    Date Team Staff Lunch Leaving Time Start Time Opposition Pitch Home/Away Transport Teas Return
    23 Jan U8s SH/EP/LS Packed 1300 1400 Stamford Festival   Away Coach   1700
    24 Jan U10/11 JOB/CH/CE/SA     1415 House Matches-A league Prep        
    24 Jan U10/11 EB/CG/IE/RW     1415 House Matches-B league Prep        

    Senior School - Boys' Hockey and Girls' Netball


    • Saturday 18th January - Boys' hockey- additional fixture - U15B fixture vs Bedford and Oundle, 1330 start. Duchess astro.
    • Monday 20th January - Girls' netball - U13 A&B, U12 A&B fixture vs Prince William cancelled.
    • Tuesday 21st January - Boys' hockey -change in venue - U14B away at King's Ely, U15B at home vs King's Ely, 1430 start.
    • Tuesday 21st January - Boys' hockey - U15 tournament cancelled.

    Fixtures information sheets are available to view and download below (PDF) for the Spring term 2020. Please also check the weekly fixtures sheets, which are posted on the Sports Boards at the north entrance to the Castle (Castle Astro side).

    For all Senior School sports fixture enquiries please call 01480 862248.