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    Lane Etiquette for Swimmers

    Respect your fellow swimmers...

    • Swim in a lane appropriate to your abilities - circle or lane swimming is dictated by the fastest person present, not the slowest, biggest or first in the water. Take note of the swimmers' speeds before joining a lane. 
    • Faster swimmers should allow slower swimmers as much time as possible before starting. 
    • Follow the direction signs for the lane that you use.
    • Diving into the swimming lanes is prohibited.
    • Never get in an occupied lane if another is empty. Should the lane fill up with Faster or Slower swimmers move to a lane more appropriate to your speed.
    • Never get into an occupied lane without first letting the swimmers know you are joining them - this can be done either by dangling your legs into the water or standing at the corner of the lane.
    • If there is only one other person in the lane, the lane can be split with each person taking half the lane. However you must explicitly agree to this. Otherwise assume lane/circle swimming as per the signs on poolside.
    • Once a third person joins, circle swimming must start.
    • Do not start swimming immediately behind another swimmer, they will not realise you are there - when they are turning an injury could result. 
    • If you are a front crawl swimmer try to join a lane with other people swimming front crawl, similarly breast stroke swimmers - join a breast stroke lane.
    • Do NOT swim in the centre of any lane at speed, this is aggressive behaviour and stops the other swimmers from enjoying their swim. Kimbolton School Swimming Pool will NOT tolerate anyone behaving aggressively in any of their sessions. If you are swimming faster than the other swimmers please move to a faster lane.
    • If a swimmer behind you wishes to overtake, allow them the opportunity to do so down the length of the pool. Alternatively wait at the end of the pool until they pass. 
    • If you wish to rest, please tuck yourself into the corner of the lane or sit on poolside so the other swimmers can turn at the wall. Do not block the centre of the pool wall.
    • Do NOT turn or push off in front of faster swimmers
    • If you wish to perform a tumble turn at the end of your length please ensure there is enough space to manoeuvre without endangering another swimmer. Do not do a tumble turn if someone is resting at the end of the lane. Equally if someone stops to let you turn, skip the tumble turn and it won't go amiss to say 'Thank you'. 
    • Do NOT increase your swimming speed if you are being passed.
    • Alternatively, where the lane is too busy, when you reach the end of the pool allow the faster swimmer to come past, don't block them when they turn.
    • If you catch up with a swimmer in front of you give them the opportunity to allow you to pass, don't harass them or to try to swim over them.
    • If you want to swim back crawl, old English backstroke or butterfly wait until there is enough space or do it when the pool is quiet and you are less likely to cause annoyance to other swimmers.
    • Be aware of the other swimmers in your lane, be courteous polite and respect their right to an uninterrupted enjoyable swim.
    • Only 'Zoomers' (short blade fins) are allowed to be used in the pool.
    • If tensions are getting high in the lane speak to the person, most people appreciate a conversation rather deliberately cutting someone up or swimming over them. Try politeness if someone becomes hostile please try not to argue  and if all else fails speak to the lifeguard. Equally try and gain some perspective - if you can't finish your set in the time just because a swimmer caused you to slow down is it really the end of the world? You might next even beat your time! 
    • Swimming is a great sport where you can you can immerse yourself in a different environment away from your mobile phone, emails and daily stress. The pool should be a calm place where we can relax.  
    • The lifeguards on poolside are responsible for the Health & Safety of all pool users, should they speak to you please follow their advice and instructions. Anyone not following their instruction will be asked to leave the pool.