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    Lane Etiquette for Swimmers

    Respect your fellow swimmers by following these etiquette points; help us keep everything flowing smoothly in each lane and stop you crashing into other swimmers!


    1. Judge the pace

    Please choose a lane which best fits your swimming ability; we know, no two sessions will be the same as it all depends on which swimmers we have in for that session. Our lanes are marked slow, medium and fast, but it’s up to you to judge where you fit compared to other swimmers in the pool for that day!

    2. Swim in the right direction 

    All our lane and general swim sessions have directional boards at the ends to keep the swim flowing and to allow an enjoyable swim for all. Please do take a moment to ensure you are following the correct directions to avoid the risk of injury or collision.

    3. Leave a space 

    Please leave a space between swimmers. This alleviates the lane from becoming congested and allows all swimmers to enjoy their swim without feeling the pressure of another swimmer hot on their heels. Equally, if a swimmer has caught you up and is wishing to overtake, allow them to do so during the length, or please give them the opportunity to go in front of you at the end of the lane. 

    4. Resting at the end of a lane

    Please have a rest as and when you need it, but try to stay tucked into the corner of the lane or climb out and rest on poolside. This gives other swimmers the room to continue their swim without interruptions. 

    5. Don't make waves

    For the safety of all swimmers, we do not allow diving in any of our lane swimming sessions. Please join a lane by sitting and sliding in gently.

    6. Enjoy your swim 

    We strive to provide a calm and friendly environment where you can relax and get away from daily stresses. Please be courteous, polite and respect other swimmers in the pool. Kimbolton Swimming Pool will not tolerate aggressive behaviours in any of our sessions.