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    Public Swimming Sessions

    Please note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions the pool is currently closed to the public

    General Swim: A third of the pool is dedicated to lane swimming for users who want to keep fit, the other two-thirds is free for everyone to have fun.

    Ladies Swim: (16 years +) a session for ladies to relax and swim. The pool is divided into 3 lanes, fast medium and slow. Please read the 'Lane Etiquette' swimming' page on our website.    

    Adult Swim & 'Rise N Shine' (16 years +) Lane swimming with slow, medium and fast. Please read the 'Lane Etiquette' Swimming rules on our website.

    Float Fun: (Only available during school holiday) A float session for all the family to have fun. The pool is divided in half with floats in the shallow end and open water at the deep end for swimming.

    All children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (16 years +) into the water. An adult may accompany up to 2 under 8-year-olds into the water.

    It is recommended that children who are non-swimmers should wear buoyancy aids when using the pool. Buoyancy aids are available on poolside for parents/children to use free of charge.

    Locker tokens are available from the pool reception ( £1.00 returnable deposit) We recommend that all swimmers store their clothing and possessions in a locker.