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    Junior Group Lessons (suspended until February 2022)

    You are never too old to learn to swim!  

    Learning to swim is an essential life skill all children should learn, it could save their life!  

    Parent & Child: (NEW TERM BEGINS: 1st October 2021) There can never be a better time for children to be introduced to swimming than when they are babies. Every child learns from their parents as soon as they are born. Ours classes will help parents learn how to introduce their children to swimming using play and the introduction of swimming techniques. Age range  12 months - 3-years (Parents must enter the water with their children) 

    Pre-School Lessons: (NEW TERM BEGINS: 1st October 2021)  These lessons are designed to further increase a child's confidence in the water without their parents. To better help the children the lesson is taught by the teacher in the water. Balance and water confidence are taught in a fun environment. Class numbers are small to ensure every child receives quality tuition. Age range 3-4 years.   

    Starfish: This is the beginner stage of our lesson scheme, children from 4 years old are welcome to join one of our Starfish classes. Introduction to the pool and water confidence exercises are taught along with floating and kicking with a float both on the front and back over 5 metres. Back Paddle is also taught over a distance of 5 metres unaided. To assist the children the teacher always teaches the lesson in the water. Children only progress to the next level when they consistently are able to swim 5 metres unaided with a strong propulsive kick. To better help the children to achieve their goals our teacher's alway instruct in the water at this level.

    Jellyfish: In this lesson children progress from floating on their front and back to kicking with one board. Front Paddle and Back Paddle are developed up to a distance of 10 metres, along with Back Crawl over 5 metres. Breast stroke leg kick is introduced at this stage. The Swimming teacher always teaches this level in the water.

    Turtles: At this level Front Crawl and Back Crawl technique is developed over 10 metres along with good Breaststroke over 5 metres. Front Crawl breathing together with sound Breast Stroke must be mastered consistently before moving to the next class. All swimmers joining our Turtles classes must be confident in deep water.

    Sea Otter: At this level children should be confident and competent with good strokes to swim out of their depth without losing their technique. Pupils work towards swimming 25 metres in the three main strokes. Butterfly is introduced at this level along with the basics of diving and deep water swimming skills.

    Dolphins: The class concentrates on developing the stroke work a little further, the strokes to should appear effortless and relaxed. Greater distances are achieved and the timing/breathing patterns for all strokes are fine tuned.

    Stingray: At this level children continue to work on their strokes, improve their butterfly but over even greater distances. They build upon their swim speed, stamina and fitness in preparation for the Squad Development Class.

    • All Junior lessons cost £68.00 ( 10 week term)
    • Lessons take place on the following days - Monday, Tuesday, & Friday 
    • Swimming Academy Lessons Terms & Conditions

    Squad Development: This class offers children a non-competitive squad style training session. It is open to children who have completed all the levels in our lesson scheme and also to swimmers with good technique of all strokes. The session is taught by an experienced teacher or our Level 2 Coach and gives children the opportunity to further develop their stroke technique and fitness. Competitive dives, starts, turns and finishes are all taught. The session lasts for 45 minutes  and serves as the perfect introduction to competitive swimming or is perfect for anyone who wished to keep up their swim fitness.

    Squad development costs £79.00 (45 minutes, 10 week term).

    Squad Development only runs on a Tuesday Evening 6.15 - 7.00 pm