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    Boarding Options

    We offer a wide range of different boarding options to suit your family's needs. If full or weekly boarding is not for you, you can choose to stay on a regular night each week or on occasional nights throughout the year, subject to availability of places.

    You can choose from:

    Girls boarding in White House at Kimbolton School
    Boy boarders at Kimbolton House, Kimbolton SchoolBoarders BBQ at Kimbolton SchoolGirls in their boarding room at Kimbolton SchoolBoarders relaxing in the kitchen at Kimbolton House, Kimbolton School

    Full Boarding

    As a full boarder you stay at school during the week and at weekends throughout the term. There is a week-long break in the middle of each term but there are no other fixed weekends out so your parents or guardians are always very welcome to visit you or take you out during the weekends.

    During term time, there is always plenty going on at weekends and in the evening - see our Typical Week page for full details - so you'll always have plenty to do.

    Weekly Boarding

    Our weekly boarders come to school on either Sunday night or Monday morning, and stay four or five nights until Friday or Saturday morning. 

    Weekly boarding is great for those who live quite close to school - or perhaps as far away as London, thanks to our excellent road and rail links - and want to take full advantage of all of the extra curricular clubs and activities going on in school each evening.  Those that live nearby can even travel to school on Monday and home on Friday using our bus service. 

    Some younger pupils struggle to get into a good homework routine or find that completing their prep is a source of stress at home.  Weekly boarding is a good solution as help is on hand from staff and older pupils during the compulsory evening prep sessions.

    It's also ideal for families with working parents and especially where one or both travels or works long hours.  The Monday to Friday routine becomes far less of a stressful juggle as you can depend on us to care for your child in our close-knit friendly community.

    Less time spent travelling during the week means more time for homework, friends and hobbies - and means that you can all enjoy your weekends at home too.


    Our flexi-boarders opt at the start of the year (or term) to stay at school for the same night or nights each week. They choose to stay for up to three nights, but have to decide in advance which day(s) of the week to stay - for example, every Tuesday after a sailing lesson or equestrian session.  Flexi-boarding can be combined with the use of our bus service.

    You may choose flexi-boarding because you normally have a long journey into school and would like a to break up the travelling during the week, or because you want to see if your child likes boarding, or just because that’s how many nights away from home your child feels comfortable with.

    Flexi-boarding is especially popular with pupils involved in after school clubs and activities, but please note that all flexi-boarding is subject to availability of beds on the night(s) of your choice.

    Occasional Boarding

    Occasional boarding means your child stays the occasional night (or nights) on a one-off basis, perhaps because they have a late activity or trip, or because you need to be absent with work or for a short holiday and your child would rather stay in school with their friends.

    Some of our full and weekly boarders start out as occasional boarders. If your child is wondering what boarding is like but doesn't want to make a commitment yet, occasional boarding is an ideal way to try it out.

    Please note that all occasional boarding is subject to availability of beds on the night(s) of your choice. A form to request occasional boarding can be downloaded below.