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    School Fees and Other Charges

    Please find below information on our school fees, other charges (eg trips, Kim Club, music tuition), methods of payment and the assistance that we offer in the form of scholarships and bursaries.

    Fees Enquiries

    Deputy Bursar

    01480 862221


    Fees 2022-2023

    Our fees for 2022-2023 are:

      Termly Fee
    (tuition and lunch, paid by termly Direct Debit) (£)
    Annual Fee
    Lower Prep School 3 670 11 010
    Upper Prep School 4 905 14 715
    Senior School - Day 6 005 18 015
    Senior School - Full Boarding* 9 990 29 970
    Senior School - Weekly Boarding* 9 390 28 170

    * Full Boarding is charged for pupils wishing to board for 6 or 7 nights each week and includes boarders' weekend activity charges; our Weekly Boarding option is available for pupils wishing to board for 4 or 5 nights each week. For Occasional Boarding see our 'Other Charges' below.  Boarding fees for pupils under the age of 16 may be paid using childcare vouchers (issued by and arranged through employers).

    Our fees include lunches (taken by all pupils), books and some public examination fees but exclude trips and visits. You will also be charged for any extras incurred including some clubs and societies, optional individual musical instrument tuition, academic support, use of the bus service, insurances, occasional boarding, additional meals and out-of-hours care.

    iPads: Senior School pupils require an iPad that meets our minimum specification; full details of how we use, manage and support these, including details of our lease-buy scheme, can be found here.  Prep School pupils do not need personal devices as they have access to a class set of iPads for use when necessary. 

    We give a 2% discount off net standard fees if you pay in full by Direct Debit on the designated direct debit date before the start of term. The post-discount figures are shown in the table above. If you choose to pay by any other method, including monthly direct debit instalments (four per term), you will not qualify for this discount.  (Net standard fees comprise tuition fees less any sibling discounts, scholarship fee reductions or bursary grants, plus termly/weekly boarding costs).

    We give a sibling discount of 2.5% of the net tuition fees for all siblings where two or more siblings attend at the same time.  (Net tuition fees are tuition fees less any scholarship fee reductions or bursary grants).

    Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA). We welcome Armed Forces, MOD and Diplomatic Service families and have a number of them represented in our boarding houses. As our boarding fees are highly competitive, we cannot offer a specific discount for Government employees who are entitled to CEA. In many cases, however, parents find that our fees compare more than favourably with the discounted rates of other schools.

    Please read our fees and charges in conjunction with our parent contract on our Policies page.

    Other Charges 2022-2023

    Please find details of our additional charges below.


      Per Term (£) Per Year (£)
    Pupils Personal Accident Insurance Scheme - including emergency dental cover (compulsory) 6.20 18.60
    Fees Refund Scheme (opt-in) 1.5% of net tuition fees (and boarding fees where applicable)

    Optional Individual and Group Music Tuition (per instrument) 

      Per Term (£) Per Year (£)
    Prep School 255 765
    Senior School 320 960
    Music Instrument Hire 46 138
    Lower Prep - Stringlets 125 375
    Lower Prep - Ministrings 125 375

    Lessons may only be stopped at the end of a term. Notice to discontinue lessons must be given in writing (which includes e-mail) to the Music School office by the beginning of the half term holiday of the term at the end of which you wish the lessons to cease.  Notice given any later than this will be deemed to apply to the following term. The same terms of notice apply when a pupil changes instrument or teacher. No refunds are granted for non-attendance due to pupil illness or injury.

    Academic Support

      Per Hour (£)
    Initial Assessment Free
    Further Assessment 46
    Group Lessons - Prep School 23
    Group Lessons - Senior School 25
    Individual Lessons - Prep School 46
    Individual Lessons - Senior School 52

    Academic Support Lessons are delivered in partial or full timetable periods (3 x 15, 2 x 20, 1 x 25, 1 x 50 minutes per lesson).  Charging is based on the number of lessons attended x number of minutes x relevant hourly rate. No refunds are granted for non-attendance due to pupil illness or injury.

    Whole Year Group Residential Trips

      Per Child (£)
    Third Form WWI Battlefields Trip (Autumn Term) 268

    This trip is normally attended by the entire year group.  The costs are payable in advance and will be added to your Autumn Term invoice which will be payable in early September.

    Flexi and Occasional Boarding* (Senior School only) 

      Per Night (£)
    First night in any week 65
    Second and subsequent nights 60

    Occasional boarding is charged for ad-hoc use of the boarding houses.  Four or five nights a week boarding is charged at the weekly boarding rate. We reserve the right to charge a Weekly/Full Boarding rate (pro rata to the equivalent annual rate) if a regular pattern of boarding becomes evident.  Weekly boarders spending additional ad-hoc nights will be charged at the lower rate above.

    *Boarding fees for pupils under the age of 16 may be paid using childcare vouchers (issued by and arranged through employers).

    Kim Club** (Prep School Before and After School Care) 

      Per Session (£)
    Breakfast session, from 7.30am 8.40
    4pm-5pm (Reception - Year 2) 7.20
    4pm-6pm (Reception - Year 2) 12.00
    5pm-6pm (Year 3 - Year 6) 7.20

    **Kim Club fees may be paid using childcare vouchers (issued by and arranged through employers).  Kim Club can be booked online on a  termly or ad hoc basis.

    Occasional Meals (Senior School only) 

      Per Meal (£)
    Breakfast 3.70
    Evening Meal 4.00

    Day pupils may join the boarders for weekday breakfasts (8 am) or dinner (6 pm) subject to 24 hours notice. Passes for these meals are available from the Bursary or may be booked using this form. The costs will be added to your end of term account.

    There will be occasions when your child is expected to stay for an evening meal (eg. for the Senior House Music Competition) for which no charge will be made.

    Miscellaneous Charges

      Per Year
    Kimbolton School Parents' Association membership fee 
    (added to your Spring bill)
    £20 per family
    The Kimboltonian (Senior School magazine - distributed to all families in Autumn Term, Senior families only in Summer Term)
    (added to your Spring and Autumn bills respectively)
    £18 per copy
    per family
    The Kim Prep Press (Prep School magazine - distributed to Prep families in Autumn Term)
    (added to your Spring bill)
    £18 per family


      Per Child (£)
    Initial Registration Fee (non-refundable) 100
    Deposit - UK/EU national - Day or Boarding 500
    Deposit - Non-UK/EU national - Day 1 000
    Deposit - Non-UK/EU national - Boarding 5 000

    The deposit is payable when you accept our offer of a place. For those entering in September, this will usually be in the previous February.
    The EU national fee and deposit will apply where either parent or the child holds EU nationality. In all other cases the non-EU national rates will apply.
    The deposit may be paid via credit/debit card or bank transfer - see this page for details.
    The deposit is refundable on request after the leaver's bill has been settled; the Parent Contract refers.