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    Unless otherwise stated, our policies apply to both the Prep and the Senior Schools.

    • Public Examinations (GCSE and A level)
      Please see our exams page for our Complaints and Appeals Procedure Policy; Internal Appeals Procedures Policy and Non-Examination Assessment Policy.

    Privacy Policy

    • This Privacy Notice is to help you understand how and why we collect your personal information and what we do with that information. It also explains the decisions you can make about your own information.
    1. Access arrangements and reasonable adjustments 2022-23
    2. Access Arrangements Policy 2022-23
    3. Accessibility Policy 2020
    4. Admissions Policy
    5. Anti Bullying Policy
    6. Anti-Cyber Bullying Policy
    7. Behaviour and Discipline Policy - Prep School
    8. Behaviour and Discipline Policy - Senior School
    9. Boarding Policy
    10. Boarding: Educational Guardianship Policy
    11. Bursary Application Guidance
    12. Careers Policy
    13. Child-on-Child Abuse Policy
    14. Children Missing From Education Policy
    15. Child Protection Policy
    16. Curriculum Policy & Academic Guide 2022-23 - Prep School
    17. Curriculum Policy & Academic Guide 2022-2023 - Senior School
    18. Drugs and Substance Abuse Policy
    19. EAL Policy and Guide
    20. Equal Opportunities for Pupils Policy
    21. Equal Opportunities for Staff Policy
    22. E-Safety Policy
    23. Extra-Curricular Activities Policy - Prep School
    24. Extra-Curricular Activities Policy - Senior School
    25. Gender Pay Gap Report
    26. Gifted and Talented Policy
    27. Good Mental Health Policy
    28. Health and Safety Policy
    29. Health and Safety - First Aid Policy
    30. Health and Safety: Fire Safety Policy
    31. Health and Safety: Risk Assessment Policy
    32. Medical: Kimbolton General Medical Policy
    33. Medical: Administration of Medication
    34. Medical: Confidentiality
    35. Medical: Head Injury Policy
    36. Medical: Infection Control Protocol
    37. Missing Child Policy - Prep School
    38. Missing Child Policy - Senior School
    39. Parental Complaints Procedure
    40. Parent Contract (from 1 September 2021)
    41. Pupil Concerns Policy - Prep School
    42. Pupil Concerns Policy - Senior School
    43. Privacy Notice
    44. Relationship and Sex Education Policy
    45. Safeguarding: Cambs and P'boro Joint Agency Protocol for Domestic Abuse - Notifications to Schools
    46. Safeguarding Policy
    47. Safe Recruitment Policy - Teachers and Support Staff
    48. Smoking Sanction Policy
    49. Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (SENDA) Policy 2022-23
    50. Staff Code of Conduct
    51. Supervision of Children Arrangements (incl EYFS)
    52. Taking, Storing and Using Images of Children Policy
    53. Whistleblowing Policy