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    Pastoral Care and Safeguarding

    We pride ourselves in providing excellent pastoral care for our pupils.  Children thrive best when they feel happy, safe and secure - regardless of their age - and we work with parents to teach them good manners and respect for each other.

    Our small class and tutor group sizes mean that we can deliver very personal care to our pupils.  Everyone is recognised and known, teachers work together to ensure that pupils are correctly supported, and we encourage a real sense of community that many families feel extends well beyond our gates.

    Throughout our school, our pastoral care is centred on Houses.  We are a co-educational school and strongly believe that, as far as practically possible, boys and girls should be educated together.  So, all of our houses are mixed; our classes and tutor groups are also mixed. Our house competitions feature mixed teams for the non-sporting events.  We believe that provides the best preparation for the realities of the lives ahead of our pupils. There's plenty of opportunity for 'boys to be boys' and for 'girls to be girls' though!

    In the Senior School, we complement our pastoral care with Parents' Pastoral Evenings. These are informative evening events, sometimes with outside speakers, that cover topics pertinent to parents of pre-teens and teenagers including starting secondary school, internet safety and the prevention of drug or alcohol abuse.  In each case, we give parents the opportunity to discuss the topics in small groups and to meet relevant pastoral staff. 


    Kimbolton School is dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our boarding and day pupils, regardless of age, ability, race, culture, religion, sexuality or class.  Safeguarding is integrated into the School ethos.

    Full details of our Safeguarding Policy including Child Protection, Whistle-Blowing and Recruitment procedures are published on our School Policies page.

    Safeguarding Team

    Designated Safeguarding Lead
    - Senior School

    Designated Safeguarding Lead
    - Prep School

    Other Designated Safeguarding Staff: