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    Academic Staff List

    Academic Year 2021 - 2022

    Headmaster: J Belbin, BA, FRSA
    Bursar & Clerk to the Governors: J F Agnew, LLB Hons, LLM 

    Senior School

    Senior Deputy Headmaster: M J Eddon, BSc
    Deputy Headmaster (Academic): R H Taylor, MA 
    Assistant Head (Extension & Enrichment): J C Newsam, MA, MEd
    Assistant Head (DSL):  C A Stokes, BEd   *** Designated Safeguarding Lead ***
    Assistant Head (Staff): L A Hadden, BA
    Director of Activities:  R E Knell, BA
    Head of Sixth Form: M S Gilbert, BEd
    School Chaplain: P J Crawford, MA
    Head of Careers: A J Bates, BA

    Academic Support
    R Stewart, BEd
    R Brightman 
    T J Clelland, PCEE
    S Hall
    C Seal
    S L Wood
    J C Williams

    L D Bamford, BA, MA
    A C Fearing, BA
    L A Leakey, BEd
    K J Purcell, BA
    R A Walker, BA

    P M Gillam, MA
    C E Firby, MA
    H F Garland, BSc
    S E Rowden, MA
    P J Whatling, BSc

    E C Drysdale, BSc
    A Gray, BSc
    N R Hubbard, BSc, MEd
    G A Jackson, BSc
    A S Monaghan, BSc
    C W Smith, MEd 
    O I Newman Bsc

    Design Technology & Engineering
    K Spencer, BEd, MSc, MInstMI, MinstET
    M C Cave, BEng
    N G Ellis, BA
    C A Stokes, BEd
    S R Woods, MA

    Digital Learning
    M Reed, MEng
    K L Wilkes, BSc

    J C Webber, MA
    A N Dales, BA
    S C Lace, BA

    Economics & Business Studies
    J R Saunders, BSc
    C C Elliott, BA
    J A Powell, BA
    R H Taylor, MA


    A E O’Donnell, MA
    A N Dales, BA
    L L Day, BA
    K G Dunn, BA, MTeach
    S J Kerridge, BA, MEd
    P M Neale, BA
    T L Pithers, BA
    S E Poole, BA, MEd
    S A Smith, BA
    J C Webber, MA

    F&N & Textiles
    L V King, BSc
    L Batchelor, BEd
    L E Johnson, BSc

    S Wilson, BA
    J R Belbin, BA
    J M Brown, BSc
    L A Hadden, BA
    N J Whiteley, BA, MA

    O J Chipperton, MA
    A E Bantin, MA
    J Belbin, BA, FRSA
    R C Carr, BA
    J R K Garland, BA
    N H Holden, BA
    B M Mills, BA
    J C Newsam, MA, Med
    M L Swallow, BA

    A S Jessup, BSc, MA
    D P Conerney, BA
    G W Custerson, BSc
    A V Darlow, BA
    M J Eddon, BSc
    L A Ellison, BEd
    J King, BSc
    H M Morrell, MSc
    A L Parker, BEng
    K Wilkes, BSc
    A Wilkinson, BSc


    Modern Foreign Languages
    M Viruete Navarro, MA

    R E Knell, BA
    A V Darlow, BA
    E E Frampton, BA
    O R Hall, BA
    N F Hassall, BA, Maitrise (FLE)
    P M Neale, BA
    A C Wise, BA

    M Viruete Navarro, MA
    I M Farras, BA
    O R Hall, BA
    N F Hassall, BA
    S M Jarratt, BA
    P M Neale, BA

    D C Gibbs, MA, FRCO
    E M J Wilson, BA
    B R Lee, BA
    L F Ruben BA

    Philosophy, Religion and Ethics
    C E Thomas, MA
    R C Carr, BA
    A L Oxley, BA

    C M Holmes, BSc, BA
    D H Brattle, BSc
    A B Hutchinson, BEng
    C W Smith, MEd
    T L Wigington, MPhys

    T Leadbetter, MA, BD, AKC, FRSA, FRHistS
    A J Bates, BA
    B M Mills, BA

    Director of Sport
    C K Lawrence, BSc

    Boys’ Games
    A S Lawless, BSc 

    Girls’ Games
    E L R Lawless, BSc 

    Head of PE
    T M Lloyd, BSc 

    K M Gilbert, BEd
    M S Gilbert, BEd
    A J Ritchie

    Preparatory School

    Headmaster of Preparatory School: J P Foley, BA, NPQH
    Senior Deputy Head: O C Stokes, BEd, MEd   *** Designated Safeguarding Lead ***
    Deputy Head (Academic): R L Lambert, BEd
    Head of Lower Prep: L K Collins, BA
    School Chaplain: P J Crawford, MA
    R Bell, BA
    S M Bettison, BSc
    E S Bonnaud BA
    C J Bridgeford, BA
    A M Bull, BEd
    S J Butler, BA
    L de Friend, BSc
    A K Edwards, BEd
    C R Evans, BEd
    T Evans, BSc
    A Farrer, NNEB
    C L Foley, BA
    A Groom, BMus, MA
    V E Hanania, BA(Ed)
    A Knell, NNEB
    S J Neal, BEd
    E K Prew, BEd
    S L Roper, B
    Z S Sheffield, BA
    L K Smith, BMedSci
    S Smith
    F Y Tavares, BA, MA(Ed)
    S M Treble, BA
    E K Whiterod, BA
    A L Wilde, BEd
    P S Wright, BA
    A M Youngs, BA