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    Insurance Schemes

    We participate in two insurance schemes for pupils:

    Pupils Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (PPAIS)

    This scheme provides benefits for permanent disability or death, loss or loss of vitality of permanent natural teeth, dental injury and emergency dental treatment costs.

    We require all pupils to be insured under the scheme and the termly premium (currently £7.00) is automatically added to your account. Cover commences for each pupil from the first day of the first term, including the duration of the uninterrupted journey to school.

    Fees Refund Scheme

    The absence of a pupil does not lessen the cost of running the School so we do not refund fees if a pupil is unable to attend classes due to sickness, accident or quarantine.  We are, however, able to make refunds through the Fees Refund Scheme if you choose to participate.

    We have taken out an insurance policy under which we can claim on behalf of participating parents. The scheme will allow us to refund you a portion of your fees for any continuous period of term-time absence of four days or more (including weekends). This includes half term holidays. It also allows the payment of up to three terms of fees in the event of the accidental death of an adult who is legally obliged to pay our fees. The termly cost is a percentage of net tuition fees (ie after deductions such as the sibling discount) and is defined in the leaflet below.

    This is an opt-in scheme; we will invite you to participate when your child joins the School.  Once you have joined, we require a term's notice to leave the Scheme.