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    Prep Boys' Football Match Reports - Aut 19

    Football Captain: Noah Simister

    Below are the Autumn Term 2019 results for all of our Prep Boys' football teams: U11A-D, U10A-D, U8/9.

    Detailed information on future fixtures can be found in our Forthcoming Sports Matches section.

    U11 Fixtures

    Date Opposition Result MOM
    14 Sept Stephen Perse

    A Team 3-2 win

    B Team 3-0 win

    A Team Ruben Miracco

    B Team Evan Bulman

    27 Sept St Joseph's in the Park

    A Team 4-2 loss

    B Team 5-0 win

    A Team Oliver Bright

    B Team Leo Goodacre-Bullen

    4 Oct IAPS tournament - Chigwell School    
    11 Oct House Matches    
    2 Nov Tournament – The Perse Prep    
    8 Nov St Joseph's in the Park    
    13 Nov The Perse Prep    
    22 Nov House Matches    


    U10 Fixtures

    Date Opposition Result MOM
    20 Sept The Perse Prep 

    A Team 6-1 loss

    B Team 2-1 loss

    C Team 3-0 loss

    D Team 3-3 draw

    A Team Harry Hodgson

    B Team Danesh Ruparelia

    C Team Hugo Hutton-Iliff

    D Team William Smith

    11 Oct House Matches    
    22 Nov House Matches    


    U8/9 Fixtures

    Date Opposition Result MOM
    19 Sept House Matches Montagu take an early points lead after Round 1 with some excellent results for both A and B teams.  
    26 Sept Kingshott

    A Team 4-3 win

    B Team 3-1 win

    C Team 5-0 loss

    D Team 1-0 win

    E Team 3-0 win

    F Team 1-0 win

    G Team 1-0 loss

    A Team Rafferty Davey

    B Team Charlie Hylden-Thorne

    C Team Fraser McKay

    D Team Thomas Nelson

    E Team Cash Moreno & Bertie Titheridge

    F Team Donté Busby

    G Team Lucas Rooke
    3 Oct Stephen Perse    
    10 Oct The Perse Prep    
    31 Oct House Matches    
    28 Nov Stephen Perse