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    Prep Girls' Hockey Match Reports Aut 17

    Hockey Coaches: Mrs J Edwards, Mrs C Evans, Mr Ben Mills

    Hockey Captain: Aoife Stokes

    Below are the Autumn Term 2017 match reports for all of our Prep Girls' hockey teams: U11A-D, U10A-D, U9A-D, U8A-C.

    Detailed information on future fixtures can be found in our Forthcoming Sports Matches section.

    Team: U11 A, B, C & D

    Date Opposition Match Report
    9 Sept Tournament @ Stephen Perse This was the first occasion for the U11A girls to show their skills on the hockey pitch. The tournament was designed as a pre-season coaching experience and everyone took advantage of this. The girls played really well, showing their adaptability in many different positions. As the morning progressed so did the quality of their skills and positional play.
    13 Sept Tournament @ Oundle The Laxton tournament provided our first competitive matches and the girls rose to the occasion. There were many excellent shots on goal in each of the matches with some hitting the back of the net. At the end of the group section Kimbolton had won their group. We then went on to narrowly lose in the semi-final and come 3rd overall.
    22 Sept Stephen Perse All of the Year 6 girls travelled to Stephen Perse for fixtures which were all close.  It was a tough start for Kimbolton as a lengthy bus delay caused there to be no warm up, but the girls battled on regardlessly in true Kimbolton spirit.  Some fine hockey was played with determined defending and positive forward movement.
    29 Sept Milton Keynes Prep  

    7 Oct

    Tournament @ Swanbourne  
    11 Oct County Tournament  
    13 Oct IAPS Tournament  
    11 Nov Stamford

    The U11 A and B teams played extremely well to record 8-1 and 4-2 victories respectively.  The B team made excellent use of width and space in their strong performance.  For the A team recognition of space and transferring the ball were particular strengths in a superb display of flowing hockey.  Well done to all who played.

    This was a great opportunity for me to see the girls in action and I was so impressed not just with their hockey skills, which were superb, but also with their teamwork, determination and spirit.  The progress they have made since the beginning of term is outstanding.  Well done goes not only to the girls but also to all of the staff involved in teaching and coaching them.  They were a great credit to our school throughout the entire fixture. (Mr Bull)

    17 Nov Wellingborough  
    2 Dec Bedford Girls  



    Team: U10 A, B, C & D

    Date Opposition Match Report
    29 Sept Stamford An exciting start to the season saw every girl in Year 5 play in this home fixture which resulted in 3 wins and a draw.  All of the girls participated with enthusiasm displaying true Kimbolton spirit throughout.  The girsl dominated most of the possession and were solid in defence.  A very positive start that the girls should be proud of, well done all.
    30 Sept Tournament @ St.Faiths The U10 A and B teams had a succesful morning at the St. Faith's Hockey Tournament on Saturday with both teams coming away with silver medals.  They played some outstanding hockey by displaying excellent teamwork to set up and score numerous goals and by defending consistently well conceded just four goals between them in ten matches!.  Special mention goes to Tessa Quayle and Charlotte Reid.
    13 Oct Stamford

    There was some superb hockey played by all the Year 5 girls in the A-D teams in some closely contested matches on Friday afternoon at Stamford. They are developing their skills and basic tactics fantastically and are transferring them effectively into their game play. The A’s drew 0-0, B’s lost 0-1, C’s drew 1-1 and D’s won 1-0. Player of the Match for the A team – Olivia Baldwin, B team – Charlotte Reid, C team – Tilly Smyth and D team - Laura Brightman.

    14 Oct Spratton Hall

    The U10A and B teams travelled to Spratton Hall early Saturday morning where both teams made a slow start but vastly improved as the games went on. The girls defended well and showed some skill working the ball up the pitch but didn’t capitalise on the many chances they had to put the ball in the back of the net! The A’s lost 1-2 and the B’s won 2-1. Special mention goes to Muna Mokah for the excellent saves she made in the second half, Myla Marshall for scoring a well worked goal under pressure and Arana Perera for her sheer determination and perseverance.  

    8 Nov Tournament @ Witham Hall

    Well done to the girls in the U10A hockey team who played some outstanding hockey to win the Witham Hall Tournament. They won all their games and got through to the final after the semi-final ended in a penalty shoot-out, resulting in a 2-1 victory to Kimbolton after three penalty shuffles from each team. They then went on to beat Witham Hall 'A' team 1-0 in the final. Special mention goes to Muna Mokah for saving two of the penalties and to Olivia Baldwin, Myla Marshall and Tessa Qualye for stepping up to take them and for staying calm under immense pressure. There was some great defensive work by Anna Ruggiero and amazing attacking by Emily Quayle and Tilley Skinner. Goal of the day goes to Hannah McNish who scored within 10 seconds of being on the pitch!    

    10 Nov Stephen Perse

    The U10A and B teams both had tough matches against quality Stephen Perse sides. The A's had a very closely contested match, which could have gone either way, but unfortunately ended in a 4-3 defeat. The girls played well in such a fast paced game and fought convincingly until the final whistle. Special mention goes to Tessa Quayle who consistently covered the whole pitch, defending as well as attacking. POM was Myla Marshall for her outstanding effort especially in the second half. The B's didn't seem to settle into their normal playing rhythm and struggled to get the ball into their attacking 'D' to take any shots at goal. They defended for the majority of the game which resulted in a 4-0 defeat. POM - Charlotte Reid for her sheer determination. 

    17 Nov Wellingborough

    The U10A team put in a stunning performance against Wellingborough resulting in a well deserved 5-0 win. They played some impressive free flowing hockey, linking nicely to create great chances to score and dominated the play throughout. Olivia Baldwin and Anna Ruggiero were calm and collected in defence and distributed the ball away beautifully. Special mention goes to Tessa and Emily Quayle for their skilful attacking play. The U10B team played with motivation and confidence with each member doing their bit to maintain possession of the ball which resulted in a convincing 10-0 victory. They all demonstrated fantastic individual play with quick and accurate passing to create numerous opportunities to score. Special mention goes to the 'whole team' and all the girls should be rightly pleased and proud of their efforts throughout the afternoon and for the way they conducted themselves. Well done!

    24 Nov The Perse  
    2 Dec Bedford Girls  



    Team: U9 A, B, C & D

    Date Opposition Match Report
    21 Sept Stephen Perse The U9 girls made a great start to the hockey season making promising use of space and passing nicely to score lots of goals in two good wins.
    28 Sept Stamford Once again, every girl in Year 4 was involved in fixtures that saw some great attacking hockey and plenty of goals - the C team grabbing the most with 8. The A team put on a fine performance against strong opposition, the B team were involved in a evenly matched game with lots of opportunities to score and there was some brilliant play from the girls representing the D team. Team of the Day though were the C team who not only put on a fine performance but also worked really well together.
    5 Oct Laxton  
    2 Nov Stamford Every girl in Year 4 travelled to Stamford for four excellent fixtures.  Some great passing hockey was played with the D team particularly excelling.  All worked very hard and enjoyed two wins, one loss and one draw with Kimbolton notching up an impressive 11 goals in total!
    9 Nov Wellingborough Two fantastic U9 hockey fixtures at Wellingborough saw 10 goals in total with kimbolton netting 7 of them.  The A team played beautifully and were extremely unfortunate to lose 3-2 whilst the B team enjoyed a comfortable 5-0 victory.  All of the girls were commened for their manners and behaviour by the Wellingborough staff, which is always pleasing to hear. A cracking fixture, well done all!
    23 Nov The Perse Every girl in Year 4 travelled down to The Perse for some excelent fixtures.  The A team played their best hockey of the season, passing and moving beautifully to win 2-0.  Both the B and C teams also played well and created plenty of chances in gaining 1-1 draws.  The D team made some excellent tackles against a strong opposition, losing 0-3.  All of the girls were a credit to the school with excellent behaviour on and off the pitch.
    25 Nov Tournament @ Witham Hall  
    30 Nov Spratton Hall  



    Team: U8 A, B & C

    Date Opposition Match Report
    30 Nov St Faiths