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    Prep Girls' Netball Match Reports Spr 18

    Netball Coaches: Janet O'Brien, Zoe Sheffield,  Ellie Matthews,  Sallie Aylott, Jenny Edwards, Caroline Evans, Daisy Collins, James Belbin, Storm Butler, Suzanne Neal, Sarah Hill, Abbie Ritchie.

    Netball Captain: Sophia Taylor

    Below are the Spring Term 2018 match reports for all of our Prep Girls'  netball teams: U11A-D, U10A-D, U9A-D, U8A-C.

    Detailed information on future fixtures can be found in our Forthcoming Sports Matches section.

    U11 Fixtures

    Date Opposition Match Report
    20 Jan Bilton Grange & Bedford

    On a very wet Saturday, the U11A and B teams played in a triangular fixture at home against Bedford Girls' School and Bilton Grange. The atmosphere was amazing even though the weather was so awful and a large number of parents came out in support. The A team dominated their two games with excellent court linkage and accurate shooting resulting in a 10-3 victory against BGS and a 16-3 win against Bilton Grange. Player of the day - Aoife Stokes. The B team put in strong performances in both matches with some outstanding work in defence resulting in a 5-5 draw with BGS and a 10-0 win against Bilton Grange. Player of the day - Annabelle Rouse.

      Stephen Perse

    The U11A and B teams both had competitive matches against strong Stephen Perse teams sporting several club players. The A team played well in a closely fought match resulting in a 13-16 defeat and displayed some assertive attacking and dominant defence. Player of the Match - Sophia Taylor. The B team played in an evenly matched game and the score was level at 2-2 until the final quarter. Missed attacking opportunities to score allowed Stephen Perse to capitalise on turnover balls and the final score was 2-6 to them. Player of the match - Holly Rowbotham.   

    9 Feb Milton Keynes

    On a very cold and windy afternoon in Milton Keynes and with the weather conditions having a negative effect on both teams' performances, the U11A's played extremely well at times and even though they lost the last quarter 0-5 managed to hold onto their lead to secure an 11-10 victory. Special mention to POM Aoife Stokes for her superb movement in and around the attacking circle. The U11B's played well and won 11-5 but struggled at times to link passes accurately down the court relying on excellent defending by POM Holly Rowbotham to intercept the ball and reduce goal scoring opportunities for the opposition. Well done to both teams.

    23 Feb Wellingborough  
    24 Feb Spratton Hall  
    1 Mar IAPS Tournament @ Uppingham

    The U11A team played some outstanding netball at the IAPS Netball Tournament and after a nervous start, losing their first two games by 1 goal, went on to win the next four games to qualify for the quarter final play-offs. After full time the score was 4-4 so it went to extra time in a what was a closely fought and fast paced game. The girls battled to the end but unfortunately lost by one goal to Wakefield 7-8. 

    9 Mar House Matches  
    16 Mar Lincroft

    Every girl in Year 6, plus three girls from Year 5 played in the U11ABCD fixtures against Lincroft on a warm and sunny afternoon. Spirits were high and everyone played with determination and enthusiasm. Our passing and movement around the court were impressive and every team member played their part. We showed good composure in possession of the ball and improved marking skills. Special mention goes to Ruby Lane (A team), Holly Rowbotham (B team), Charlotte Orchard (C team) and Tilly Smyth and Madeleine Hollands (D team) for their outstanding game play. A team won 17-5, B team lost 7-9, C team lost 4-9 and D team drew 6-6. 

    17 Mar Laxton

    The U11A team put on a superb performance against Laxton and showed how much they have improved this term. They were organised, disciplined and dominated play from the start with superb passing and movement. Their game play is of the level I would expect to see from the higher years and all in all they should be extremely proud of the improvement they have made as individuals as well as a team. Well done girls on a convincing 22-5 win. 

    21 Mar Tournament @ Laxton

    The U11A team finished the season on a high by winning the U11 Laxton Tournament. They outclassed their opponents by winning their group games convincingly - Laxton B 14-0, King's Ely 15-0 and Wellingborough 6-1. The score in the semi-final was level at half time but the girls upped their game in the second half to beat Stamford 5-3. The final against Witham Hall was also a game of two halves with all girls in the team displaying great maturity by keeping their composure and discipline to secure a well deserved win of 9-4. Player of the Tournament was Connie Ramply for her fantastic attacking play and accurate passing into the circle. All the girls should be commended for their excellent work rate throughout the term and their individual contribution to the success of the team. Well done girls!

    23 Mar House Matches  


    U10 Fixtures

    Date Opposition Match Report
    19 Jan The Perse  
    20 Jan Bilton Grange & Bedford  
    26 Jan Stamford  
    23 Feb Wellingborough  
    24 Feb Spratton Hall  
    9 Mar House Matches  
    10 Mar Tournament @ Stamford  
    17th Mar Laxton  
    23 Mar House Matches  


    U9 Fixtures

    Date Opposition Match Report
    18 Jan Wellingborough

    Today’s game was the first in the season and the A team played well with excellent court linkage at time with an end result of 5-1 to Kimbolton. Player of the match was Eva Drury.  While the B team began to show real signs of playing like a team. I am sure we will see them go from strength to strength as the season goes on. The end score was 8-1 to Kimbolton. Player of the match was Gabriella Prew for her super shooting.

    25 Jan The Perse

    Yesterday all the Year 4 girls played against the Perse at home. All four teams enjoyed a high level of play and were cheered on by the parents. For some of the girls this was their first fixture so spirits were high. The Perse played to a high standard and all the girls really enjoyed their matches. Results were as follows, U9A's lost 2-8 Player of the match was Camille Chassaigne, B's won 6-2 Player of the match was Olive McDougall.  The C team girls played extremely well with Lucia Benbow scoring a great goal in the first quarter.  Great defence and close marking by all helped ensure the game was close.  Player of the match: Georgina Aylott.  Final score: 1-2.  A great performance from the D team against a very strong opposition.  Well done girls! Player of the match: Emma Smalley. Final Score: 1-6.

    1 Feb Laxton & Stonygate @ Laxton

    Having started off nervously the A team found their feet in the second half and did well to only give away one goal and score one goal. In the end the A team lost 8:1.

    On the other hand the B team worked well and passing was strong from the beginning, they beat Laxton B team 4:1 and Stoneygate A team 3:1. The players of the match were Camille Chassaigne for the A team, while Emily McGarva and Olive McDougall were players of the match for the B team.

    8 Feb Spratton Hall

    U9A struggled to link passes together and this led to a lack of goal scoring opportunities but they kept their spirits high despite a final score of 1-7.

    The U9B and Cs had strong games, the Bs winning a close competitive game 4-3 and the C team marking well and shooting accurately to record a convincing victory 5-0. Players of the match: Grace Etterick and Emma Smalley

    22 Feb House Matches  
    1 Mar Wellingborough

    A vast improvement in game play from the U9A and B teams saw both teams secure 1st place in their groups at the Stamford Netball Festival. It was truly gratifying to see them play such outstanding netball. Well done everyone. 

    A team beat Stamford 6-1, BMS 7-5 and Copthill 6-3. The B team beat Stamford 7-1, BMS 5-1 and Copthill 12-0. It was too difficult to pick a 'Player of the Tournament' for either team, as everyone played so well, but special mention goes to Eva Drury (A team) for her excellent movement in and around her attacking circle and to Olive McDougall (B team) for her amazing shooting.   

    8 Mar Bilton Grange

    The girls in the U9A and B teams worked hard in their matches against Bilton Grange and fought to the end displaying great commitment but struggled to find fluidity in their play. Both teams followed the ball around the court rather than finding space to run into and passing was weak at times. They also need to remember to stay with their opponents and mark them tightly. Both teams demonstrated excellent footwork and team spirit and although the scores may not reflect their efforts, the girls should be proud of their sporting conduct and fair play. U9A team lost 3-9, POM Camille Chassaigne. B team lost 1-4, POM Olive McDougall.   

    15 Mar Festival @ Stamford  

    U8 Fixtures

    Date Opposition Match Report
    8 Feb Spratton Hall U8A, in their first ever fixture, made a promising start to their netball careers.  Play was end to end resulting in a narrow loss of 1-2. Player of the match: Zoe Higgit.
    22 Feb House Matches  
    8 Mar Bilton Grange

    Both A's & B's played outstanding matches against Bilton Grange. We held possession well and the passing and movement up the court flowed really nicely. Players of the match were Betty McDougall and Sophie Dudley-Smirh. Special mention to the shooters in both teams for their accurate shooting. U8A’s won 5-1 and B’s won 8-1. Well played U8's!