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    Notes on Registration

    • An offer of a place will normally be subject to a qualifying performance in the relevant examination or entrance test.  Prep School pupils must pass the Senior School entrance examination to progress to the Senior School.
    • Entry is normally in September at the start of each academic year.  It is, however, sometimes possible to accept applicants at other times.
    • Parents must give a full term’s written notice if they wish to withdraw their son(s)/daughter(s) from the School.  Otherwise a full term’s fees for each child will be payable in lieu of notice.
    • Before a boy or girl enters the School a deposit is payable. This is £500 for British Citizen, £1000 for non-British Citizen day pupils and £5000 for non-British Citizen boarding pupils. The UK national rate applies where either parent or the child holds UK nationality. In all other cases the non-EU national rate will apply. The deposit will be repayable at the end of a pupil’s career on receipt of a request in writing. In the absence of such a request the deposit will be transferred to the Bursary Fund.  Failure to take up a place offered will forfeit the deposit. Financial obligations to previous schools are expected to have been met.
    • Entry is solely at the Headmaster’s discretion, and, while an offer is made in good faith, it may be withdrawn for what are, in the opinion of the Headmaster, good reasons.
    • It is a condition of admission and continuing in the School that a boy or girl observes the school rules and makes satisfactory academic and personal progress. Parents are expected to support the school rules and ensure that a pupil attends regularly in term time and attends any special school occasions, unless prevented by health reasons.
    • Should the Headmaster deem it no longer in a pupil’s interest to remain at the School or that his or her continued presence could be harmful to other pupils, he may, at his sole discretion, require parents to remove a pupil from the School forthwith.  The school rules and other requirements are set out in the memorandum sent out with joining instructions.
    • Both parents should sign the registration form indicating their wish to register their son or daughter and that they accept the conditions of entry as set out.
    • Fees are payable in advance by Direct Debit on 1st banking day of September, January and May or in 4 equal monthly instalments each term on the 1st day of each month.
    • Parents who are permanently or temporarily resident outside the UK must ensure that a guardian is appointed for the duration of their son’s/daughter’s career at the School and that when necessary another guardian is appointed.
    • The terms and conditions set out in the School contract may be amended from time to time.  Its provisions, subject to any such amendment, will apply during the whole of the period a pupil continues to be a member of the School.  Admission to, or retention in, the School is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions.

    Register Your Child for Entry