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    Mathematics - Autumn 2022

    Our Mathematics Masterclasses aim to bring together like-minded Year 5 children (Year 6 in the Autumn Term) from local primary and middle schools to work through a variety of mathematical puzzles in an enjoyable and thought-provoking way.

    In Autumn Term 2022 we will be holding two identical courses (‘Aragon’ and ‘Popham’) of six sessions.  The dates are as follows:

    • Saturday 10 September: Code Breakers
    • Saturday 17 September: How Computers Count
    • Saturday 24 September: How Bookmakers Win
      Break for Kimbolton School Open Morning (1 Oct)
    • Saturday 8 October: Maths Team Challenge
      Break for Kimbolton School Field Weekend (15 Oct) and Half Term (22 and 29 Oct)
    • Saturday 5 November: Maths Assault Course
    • Saturday 12 November: The Menger Sponge

    Each session runs for one hour with the timings outlined in the table below.  The first meeting will start with a short briefing for parents.

      Aragon Course Popham Course
    Week(s) Intro Briefing Class Final Presentation Intro Briefing Class Final Presentation
    1 0900-0915 0915-1015   1045-1100 1100-1200  
    2 to 5   0900-1000     1030-1130  
    6   0900-1000 1000-1030   1030-1130 1130-1200

    Although each session is independent of the others, we expect children to attend all the Masterclasses in their course.  There is no charge but places are limited and we cannot guarantee a place for every child who applies.

    We have written to headteachers of participating schools to invite them to nominate suitable children. The deadline for applications has now passed. We will email all parents/carers by the evening of Wednesday 29 June to inform them of their success or otherwise in obtaining a place. Please check your junk/spam box if you have not heard from us by this date. Our next series after this one will be in Spring Term 2023 for 2022-23 Year 5 pupils.