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    A Message from the Headmaster

    Mr Will Chuter, Headmaster

    You are about to begin a seven-year adventure at Kimbolton that we hope will last a lifetime.

    Your adventure will be whatever you want it to be because you will choose your path. You will do all those things that an adventurer needs to do: navigate new and exciting lands; take risks and enjoy the rewards; get lost and find your way back, wiser; meet different people, and learn to respect them, wherever they come from; fail and be stronger for it; overcome great challenges and be proud of what you’ve achieved.

    You will be what adventurers need to be: brave, curious, resilient, open-minded, and resourceful.

    And your adventure will give you many stories that will enrich you and those you love for many years after you’ve left school.

    All adventurers need some advice to help them on their way. Here’s mine:

    1. Come to school as yourself and let everyone else do the same. We can only be ourselves, so don’t try to be someone you’re not, and respect everyone else so they can do the same.
    2. Work hard. I love the idea that, if you look after your schoolwork, it will look after you. Real learning and good results come from hard work, however clever you think you are.
    3. Be kind and polite and talk to as many people as you can. You will make friends quickly and get to know staff easily.
    4. Get stuck in. Do as many activities as you can, make sure you try lots of new ones, and put some effort in! You might discover your favourite thing ever.
    5. Never forget the power of ‘Thank You’. Say it often. To your parents, for giving you this adventure. To all staff, whatever job they do. To other pupils, for all sorts of good reasons. You are very fortunate to be at Kimbolton and it’s important that you appreciate the wonderful opportunities you have.

    Most of all, remember that you are not alone. The staff and older pupils here are excited to be coming on that adventure with you. With your parents, we will be here to help at every step.

    Be brave, and enjoy it!