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    Pupils and Staff take on Dodgeball Challenge

    Kim House boarders host Kimbolton School’s inaugural Dodgeball tournament.

    The Kim House boarders recently hosted Kimbolton School’s inaugural Dodgeball tournament - and it proved a hit with over 100 day pupils and staff joining the boarders in an 18-team dodgeball extravaganza. After initial group games the tournament split into Cup, Trophy and Plate competitions where teams battled it out for the trophies/chocolates. Great fun was had by all and there were some very entertaining and close games.

    To everyone’s great delight the staff team, ‘Old Dodgers’, turned out not to be very adept at the sport and found themselves at the bottom of the tournament. Plate success was enjoyed by George Moore’s ‘Dodgy Arms’ whilst ‘Dodger Federer’, captained by Head Girl Henrietta Woods, won the Trophy. The Cup final was a thrilling affair between Kim House’s ‘Jammie Dodgers’ and the Boys' Hockey team, ‘The Dodgefathers’ captained by Ben Williams. Both team’s were reduced to their final player before Williams managed to hit Head of House Gio Keratishvili to seal the victory for the hockey players.

    Post-tournament pizza was enjoyed by all before some of the older contestants retired to Kim House to reconsider tactics whilst watching the Dodgeball movie.

    Words & pics: with thanks to Mr Mills and Mrs Garland